If you’re lucky, you’ll fall in love someday. Luckier still if he loves you back. Then, you’ll even be lucky to suffer the heartbreak of telling him it’s over.

When you do, look him the eyes, and just tell him you’re sorry.

Don’t be sorry over past fights. Even if you think you’re to blame, old fights are exactly that. History. The petty ones don’t matter any more, and the big ones — the hard, irreconcilable arguments — are artifacts of something real, but something that has ended here.

Don’t be sorry because you’ve found someone else. You shouldn’t be sorry for trying to start again. If you understand the risks — and by now, you should — you deserve to fall in love again and be happy.


Be sorry because it’s going to crush him.

Be sorry because what was once something beautiful, or something to look forward to, or something safe, or, god, something that was just fun, just isn’t anymore.

Be sorry because even if he’s not the man you thought he was, or if he’s hurt you, or if he’s made you angry too many times, or if he’s no longer attractive to you, or even if he’s just boring now, there’s something about him you’ll always love. Whatever that is.

Be sorry because how he feels when he believes you right now matters more to him than any reason you have for why and how you came to this point.

Be sorry because you are.

And if you’re lucky, he’ll forgive you one day.