After talking about the identity flower in lecture and discussion I decided I would reflect upon it in this entry.

To others my identity sometimes can sound pretty basic on paper. I am a heterosexual, white, blond hair, blue eyed, midwestern female, middle class, Catholic, of Norwegian and German descent, and a freshman year college student. Like many other freshman undergraduate college students on campus I have experienced my fair share of first year experiences. From experiencing dorm food for the first time to sitting in the University of Minnesota student section at the football game at TCU. My experiences at the University so far have been something to reflect upon. But is it my identity that has lead me to these experiences and friends that I have made thus far? Have other people experienced the same things and in the same way I have?

Little did I know my childhood is what set the foundation for the rest of my life and influenced who I am today. I went to St. John the Baptist Catholic School from kindergarten all the way through seventh grade. I had been engulfed in love and support at an early age and established friends who became my family. These connections that were made are what I believe to have made me a “communicator” in my life. Throughout elementary and middle school I had inherited a set of core Christian values. “Treat others the way you want to be treated” and “WWJD (What Would Jesus Do)” became the mottos that were drilled into our heads day in and day out. At the time these were just little phrases to keep in mind that quickly became annoying to hear. As I get older I realized that these core values are what have shaped my life into all it has become. After St. Johns I was given the option to either stay in private school or switch to public school.

I chose to go to Lakeville North a public highschool about 25 minutes south of Minneapolis. At Lakeville North I met a great group of girls who shaped my highschool experience. They were all super involved in the school and the surrounding community as was I. I enjoyed surrounding myself with people who made me strive to be a better person.

I became involved with my highschool which made me very interested in leadership/volunteer positions on campus. Soccer was also a huge part of my highschool experience. I grew up playing soccer, and in highschool I made a team that I had always dreamed of playing on. This reward taught me that hard work truly does pay off. I played soccer on a club team that traveled to places like Las Vegas, North Carolina, Chicago, and more. This team experience made me fall in love with being on a team. Not only did I learn lessons about soccer I was taught how to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the rest of my life. Soccer shaped my life in many ways. I was taught obedience, patience, dedication, and responsiblity. All of these themes correspond to aspects of my education in college. I am responsible for my school work. I am dedicated to learning and my school work. I am patient while learning, and I am obedient while listening. After my soccer season ended I decided to become a soccer coach to 9 year old girls. This taught me communication, managing, organizing, and planning skills.

A side from soccer and highschool the biggest step that made me mature would be being a nanny. I nannied for two little girls the past three summers. These girls are my pride and joy and truly taught me how to be a role model. I taught them how to handle themselves in difficult situations, how to make their beds, how to bake, how to rollerblade, and even the most basic skills that we take for granted. I enjoy having them look up to me in everything that I do. I learned a sense of patience and understanding.

This year I decided to become a member of the greek community and join a sorority. Joining a sorority has been a college exprience that I am so grateful for. It has made such a large campus, like the U, seem much smaller. My sorority holds me accountable for my grades, community service, and volunteer hours. It also integrates a sense of mentorship and leadership from the older girls.

So what do all these past experiences have to do with my college experience?

These experiences have shaped me into the person I have become. I will note my experiences throughout this project but at least now the reader(s) will know where I am coming from.

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