Capturing Memories

Memories are priceless. Every day we make new ones and add them to the beautiful memory box in our minds. Unfortunately, that memory box can forget things must too easily, so we have to capture them in other ways! We are fortunate enough to have cameras within such easy reach now to help us with this.

Hold That Thought!

I remember when I was a kid, my dad would see an opportunity to take a picture of us and record a memory, so he would run inside and get his camera. At this point the moment was probably almost, if not already, over. In his effort to capture the memory, he would make us re-enact it, which turned into us doing a humorous (at least we thought it was) interpretation of the preceding event. Then he film would be developed, and we’d get the pictures back and see the lighting was bad and none of the pictures turned out anyways!

Grab My Phone!

Contrast that with today. When I see our girls doing something cute or funny or really anything even remotely entertaining, I can grab my phone, which is usually only a step away, and quickly snap as many pictures as I want.

I’m not going to run out of space and I can delete the bad ones later. If a picture comes out badly, I can quickly edit the lighting or remove red eye with the click of a button. I’m pretty sure most parents today could document every day of their child’s lives with the pictures taken on their phones.

There are so many memories to capture and we have the ability to capture them at our fingertips.

Where’s Dad in This Picture?

The only problem that hasn’t been completely solved is the fact that with each photographic memory recorded, someone is always left out — the person behind the camera. Selfies have come a long way in helping that, but they open a world of different problems like fitting everyone in the frame and having an arm long enough to not just get a closeup of your face or pushing the wrong button (I do this all the time….). This is where a photographer is still useful.

Not just any photographer though, the time of posed family pictures in front of a backdrop are over. We want to capture the memories, not the positions we were asked to awkwardly stand in. I try to always have time in a photoshoot where kids can just play, and I can take pictures of them in their element — instead of squeezing a rubber ducky in a vain attempt to get them to smile for a second while I click a photo.

Capture reality! Capture the moments!