Cover Your Grey Hair with Herbal Henna

Grey Hair is a symptom of improper protein synthesis. Hair grows white when the colour pigment (melanin) ceases to be produced in the hair follicle and small air spaces take its place. Pigment cells located at the base of each hair follicle produce the natural dominant colour of our youth. However, as a person grows older and reaches middle age, more and more of these pigment cells die and colour is lost from individual hairs. The result is that a person’s hair gradually begins to show more and more grey.

Grey hair is usually associated with ageing, but this is not always the case. Early greying of the hair is basically hereditary, and we can inherit it from one of our parents or grandparents. So if your father’s hair started to turn grey in his thirties there is a good chance yours will too. Grey hair can also be influenced by stress. A person experiencing a prolonged period of stress and anxiety may notice, over a period of time, white hairs gradually appearing.

Herbal Henna Manufacturer in India

The Most Known and Most Used Herbal Hair Color is:

Herbal Hair Colors

NMP Udhyog is best for Herbal Henna. It is known as Manufacturer, Supplier & Exporter in India. It gives light blonde or grey hair a bright natural reddish shade with hints of orange and natural gorgeous red tones on dark hair. In time, treatment after treatment, it tends to darken the hair. It is the only herbal hair color that will cover grey hairs naturally & successfully. If you mix lawsonia with other herbal hair colors you may cover your grey hair obtaining gorgeous natural brown tones according to the mix of herbal hair powders you used.

Excellent treatment for oily hair, it also helps hair become stronger, shinier and more voluminous. It has anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties and it cleanses and restores the pH of the scalp promoting hair growth.

Contrary to popular belief pulling out one grey hair will make two grow in its place is a myth. What can happen, however, is that if your hair is starting to turn grey and you pull one grey hair out, it may well be that the neighboring grey hair is just about to start growing, therefore two hairs in close proximity will appear at about the same time.

Generally it does not stain hair, yet has a pale yellow golden dye when applied on light hair. Mostly used as a hair treatment thanks to its anti-fungal and anti-bacterial properties.Efficient conditioner, it leaves hair soft & voluminous, giving life to fine, limp hair. You may create unique blends of herbs to obtain at every single application new gorgeous natural looking hair colors. It’s easy to apply on your hair, and easy to wash out.

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