It is time to get paid for what (other’s say) you own!

Get paid for labels, life hiccups, circumstances and such. People and myself included love a judgement. Oh what fun it is to ride, a cliched lifestyle riddled with self doubt. If I can monetize all of the negatives, whoa I’d be like 50 cent posting stacks of money on Instagram !!

If the pharmaceutical companies can make butt loads of cash then, why can’t the individual?

A price list should look like this for each individual label per year:

Depression — $60,000

Angry — $100,000

Delusional — $40,000

Selfish — $20,000

Anxious — $60,000

Bitch — $200,000

Asshole — $200,000

Cheap — $10,000

Confused — $75,000

Too kind — $50,000

Dang, total that up and that is a fantastic yearly income!

Each of these numbers are arbitrary. Just think, if you are going to ‘own’ something then, You should be able to sell it.