Diversity in Tech FAQ v0.1

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How can we diversify when the pipeline is so small?

  • Many are going to big companies with clearer career paths, not to the innovation economy where these things are often ill-defined.
  • Some people are unwilling to come to or stay in the Bay Area, knowing the steady decline in the number of people of color we are able to retain in our neighborhoods. San Francisco in particular does not signal to Black candidates that this is a place for them.

How can we hire the best if we’re lowering the bar by focusing on diversity?

  1. The candidate is familiar enough with a tennis ball that they can estimate its volume;
  2. The candidate has been on a plane enough times that they can estimate volume; and
  3. The job will require volume calculation on some regular basis.

Why can’t we get candidates from underrepresented backgrounds to apply for our job listings?

I agree with you, but how do we make sure we’re doing it the right way?

What even counts as diversity?

What is the benefit of diversity anyway?

  • Revenue. Greater diversity, specifically along gender and race lines, makes a company more money. I’m not sure there is more to say since we are, after all, discussing business.




Xicana nerd on Tongva land

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Nicole Sanchez

Nicole Sanchez

Xicana nerd on Tongva land

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