Why people continue to sell Wordpress as if it was a non developer tool?

Maybe you can help me understand it.

I see this a lot. There is a lot of people trying to succeed in web development /design by selling websites made with Wordpress . I don’t think it’s bad, in fact, I believe it’s great that people see web as a way to succeed and Wordpress as a useful platform. But one thing that I don’t get is why they think Wordpress is a non developer tool?!

“it’s great that people see web development as a way to succeed”

People sell Wordpress to clients with arguments like “You will be able to make changes” or “You will not need a developer to edit your website”, Really?
The majority of the clients will never “make changes” or “edit it”, they will probably let their websites untouched for years and then hire someone else to make changes or even hire them to build an entire new website like they did with you in the first place. 
They will not make the required Wordpress updates and plugin updates and they will end up with a website full of security flaws or even worst….. a hacked website!

It’s like giving a gun to someone that it’s not prepared to carrie it. They may shoot their feet.

Also selling your web development/design services that way is against all logic behind building a successful business. Using arguments like those can be very helpful selling your services, in fact, they are instant selling arguments but they can damage your business more than help it grow. By using those arguments you are telling your clients that building a website is simple, that your job can be done by someone without experience. That’s why I don’t get caught by surprise when during a meeting a client says that he could do it if he had the time.

It also drops prices instantly, if you were about to ask $2500 for a website you just lose $1000 or even more by pronouncing those words. Why should they pay that much if it’s so simple they can edit it? And if you think about it long term, by telling clients they will not need a web developer to edit it or make changes, you are losing any chance you had to make that client a recurrent client.

And finally, how many times you had to remove a website you built from your portfolio because the client who you gave full access to edit it, had the fantastic ability to destroy the website completely up to a point where you were ashamed to say “I built that website”.

The ideia behind website development is to provide clients with well-build, secure, structured and good performing websites, not help people flood the internet with a bunch of crappy, slow and “Swiss cheese” websites by telling them they will not need support or any type of help because they are using Wordpress.

I see the potential in Wordpress, it gives you many advantages as a developer but it’s not something your clients should be able to use on their own. You can provide clients the necessary access so they can post some content but with limitations, that’s why Wordpress provides user roles with different types of permissions.

“Wordpress it’s not something your clients should be able to use on their own.”

If you want to work with Wordpress it’s your decision and no one has nothing to do with it but please use it wisely and in a responsible way.

Thank you for reading.