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A key component of high-level learning is cultivating a resilient awareness that is the older, conscious embodiment of a child’s playful obliviousness — Josh Waitzkin, The Art of Learning

Why I care

I was born in Pakistan, a country that I consider my original home. We moved when I was a child, packing our belongings and striving for that most elusive of all dreams: opportunity. We left when I was young, but not without the Eastern cultural influence of education embedding its importance into me throughout childhood.

There is a specific outlook that is ingrained into you when you’re an immigrant, the grandchild of refugees. Visits back home become explicit highlights of privilege you never asked for, but the weight of which you carry everyday. Education, opportunity, growth, are more than just mere buzzwords: they’re concepts thirsted after, bled for. …

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Growing up, I was obsessed with the idea of opportunity. …

TL;DR version

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The types of companies surveyed for this report (5)

You can find the full report here.

What is design maturity? According to the recent study produced by InVision, it’s the extent to which businesses incorporate design practices in their overall system. Those that assimilate design thinking into their processes are more likely to see positive outcomes concerning product, position, and profit (7).

InVision, realizing the need to understand where companies stand in terms of the way they view design, utilize their designers, and understand the design thinking process, produced an extensive report labeled “The New Design Frontier: The widest-ranging report to date examining design’s impact on business.”

To understand how companies see design, InVision sent out a survey to over 2,200 organizations around the world (spanning from large enterprises and governmental organizations to small businesses and NGOs) to explore how they create better business outcomes with design (4). In the survey, they included asks such as the company demographics, stakeholder involvement, practices, and etc. …


Niwal Sheikh

Data & Product Design @ Capital One • chai is my love language

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