DAY 17: A Dialogue in Darkness for Visual Imagination and Bonds of Solidarity

by Nixon Murabwa, Nairobi’s Westlands area, 7 July 2017

Musings At The Verge Of Memory
The conversation will be held in complete darkness.

I will in a few days time have the rare opportunity to try and have a conversation with a small group of people on our personal experiences and realities in our belief in the Pan Africanist dream.

I had a rare priviledge a few months ago to submit my proposal on a possible lesson I thought I had learnt in life and would like to share with the world. I spent a considerable time thinking of what this could be. I settled on sharing about the lesson of Pan Africanism and its belief in human dignity, solidarity and interconnectedness of peoples lives.

A group of a few individuals will gather in a restaurant in Nairobi’s westlands neighbourhood. The choice of venue is in recognition of the restaurant’s infusion of a modern twist to age old African cuisine, a direct relation to our conversation that will look at recent experiences of a movement that is over a century old.

The conversation will be held in complete darkness. The reason for having the dialogue in darkness is to help limit visual distraction but more importantly to highten the sense of hearing and ensure enhanced visual imagination of what is being discussed.

The thoughts of a fleeting Friday morning discussion on Pan Africanism, memory, expriences and lessons, promises to be hours of divine indulgence.

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