React Native notes

After getting a spare hour to take a look at React Native, I followed their guide to add it — in the form of a simple Hello World screen — to an existing Android app.

The set up was relatively straight forward and took 20–30 minutes, I only had to add one workaround from the guide to get the app to compile — to the app’s build.gradle:

android {
configurations.all {
resolutionStrategy.force ‘’

I hooked up the new React Native Activity to an existing button in my app, ran it, clicked on the button, and…….boom:

Caused by: java.lang.UnsatisfiedLinkError: could find DSO to load:

From reading this issue (now a feature request), it seems RN doesn’t work well with other libraries built for 64bit.

This, along with the following, pretty much makes RN a non-starter for me:

  • Pushed my dex count from ~52k to ~67.5k — requiring multidex or proguard to workaround
  • Increased the apk size from 9.2MB to 18.5MB
  • Having to use JS :(
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