Bill Nye and his bowties are back!

On Tuesday, April 18th Bill Nye the Science Guy previewed his upcoming Netflix series at the Paley Center for Media. Mr. Nye’s show Bill Nye Saves the Earth, which premiered April 21, takes on a bunch of topics ranging from busting myths to refuting anti-scientific claims all from a scientific point of view. The Paley Center previewed two of the episodes and had a panel discussion after the show, even feature questions from audience members. The Science Guy’s return to the screen marks nearly twenty years since his last television series and suffice it to say, people were excited to have him back. The 200-person theatre sold out every seat in the house! There was no denying the room was abuzz with an energy of anticipation. Friends and family alike came to see and hear the lovable Science Guy. The panel featured Bill Nye’s special correspondents, Joanna Hausmann and Derek Muller and was moderated by Kal Penn. The group on stage covered a lot of ground. They discussed the format of the show, their favorite parts, and the importance of science in the current political landscape. Climate change, Artificial Intelligence, Twitterbots were some of the hot topics that came up. The Emmy-award winning host and educator kept the night alight with humor. When it came time for questions, each answer tied into the future of science. One stand out question asked what the best way to deal with people who deny climate change is? The question pointed out that with social media and so many people sharing their opinions, how do you share yours without feeling like your just screaming into the abyss? Bill Nye used his wisdom to answer all the questions with dignity and intelligence..and humor. “First of all,” he said, “to anyone who is able-bodied enough to see pictures of the planet, you can tell it’s round.” He went on how explain how to get deniers to see the truth for themselves: “Hey, man on the internet, why don’t you drive to the edge of the Earth and take a picture? Then post it. Drive to the edge of the Earth. We’ll be here.” His answer had the audience cheering. Many audience members were concerned about the recent discussions that seem to put science in a negative light. Bill Nye explained that that is one of the reasons it seemed perfect to do this series. It seemed a perfect moment in time to educate people about a variety of pressing issues. He points out that he “wants people to take a scientific view on all sorts of issues in society.” After the panel discussion, the second episode was shown. The audience was so attentive. Upon asking audience members if they enjoyed the show, they responded with a resounding yes. “He was so entertaining. I couldn’t stop laughing” one audience member remarked. “So many of my fears for the future were addressed,” another added. All in all, the event marked a success for Bill Nye and had many people looking forward to watching his television series. The bowtie is back and people are excited about science again!

Click here for a link to the trailer of the show!

To watch the entire panel discussion, visit the Paley Center for Media located at 25 W 52nd St, which is open on Wednesday through Saturday 12:00 PM to 6:00 PM and Thursdays 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM.

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