After three days at the Andela bootcamp, I realized one thing very important which is that there is no limit to what one can achieve if one is so determined. A determined and hardworking person must definitely succeed in life. At the risk of sounding like a preacher, I make bold to say that the only limitation to ones success is oneself. The extent to which you envisioned your success, that is the extent to which you will be successful. No wonder a popular motivational speaker ones said, “..aim to the moon so that should you not make it, you are sure that you have passed sky.. “ This few days at the bootcamp has made me realize that.

Challenges are inevitable in every aspect of human endeavor including being at Andela bootcamp. I had challenges implementing some algorithm, even those I knew I had implemented before the bootcamp. I equally experienced challenges with the unsteady power supply since we are required to be work from home in the first week of the bootcamp. And so many other challenges. But I had long learnt that the difference between a success and a failure is excuse. Whereas a successful person finds a way of surmounting his challenges, a failure sees those challenges as an enough excuse for not actualizing his goals. Well I decided not to be a failure and so should you. Face those fears head on like I did, and victory will surely be yours.

On day two, we were required to implement a task using javascript object oriented programming(OOP) methodology. I had never being so confused in my life before. Maybe am exaggerating a little bit but truly I was so confused. I code in java before now and in java, classes are called class during declaration. One also can comfortably create as many constructor as you want in your class without any headache. Now when I saw OOP in one of our task, I just waved it as a minor one. Little did I know that am in for a raw deal. First of all I had very little limited knowledge of javascript. I know how to create a function and use them in javascript comfortably. Now imagine my shock and confusion when I found out that creating a class in javascript is same as creating a function (expect in the case of using the object literal method). “What in the world is this?” I was even more confused when I had to create the methods for my class. The whole idea of using Object.prototype.methodName was new to me. My absolute confusion on the subject lingered but not for long.

After submitting my task for the day, I promptly presented my case before my BFA, Faical. Not that am lawyer but he helped instantly as always by giving me a PDF file on the tutorial of javascript OOP. Like Oliver Twist, I wanted more, so I reached out to my very good friend Henry Chibuzo Nnalue (Boss), a very seasoned programmer and entrepreneur, and he turned “water into wine” for me by sharing this link with me ( It is a well written article about javascript OOP. After reading the article, my confusion subsided.

In conclusion, it is my believe that the experience I have gathered so far from Andela XVIII bootcamp will go a long way to helping my career as a software developer. I encourage you not to limit yourself in your dreams and aspirations in life.

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