My Creation Story

My Score App for A Basket Ball Competition In My Neighbourhood

My story of Andela Programming is one of a sort. Coming from the angle of computer security and hacker to programming is one of an extreme venture. Two different entities. I never knew scratch about what coding and programming were all about, I never wrote a line of java or codes before I started so it was a whole new sphere for me to venture into. I got signed up on the ALC program and took to Udacity for learning. I must say they were the best classes I’ve ever attended. Though it was not a live class I got the best out of it. It was my first online class. It took me about a week and some few days before I did my first coding. A business card.

Moving on, I came to the realization that coding is not far from the creation story, Where the creator made all things beautiful and set them up to run on their own. Same happened to my project and Android studio practices. You take something from the void and make it do what you want it to do by giving a set of commands on how to behave and what not to do at certain points. At some points, I felt like The Creator. I saw the essence. The ability to transcribe what is in your head to reality. For once I felt amazing. I remember how I had to stay awake some nights just to get the codes done and the joy of fiddling with my app on my phone. You create and set a boundary on how you want your objects to perform and behave. It was superb.

The peer to peer learning came with rounds of making friends and we all took turns to host one another as we resorted to learning together and owing to our community of learning and holding ourselves responsible as developers. At least we pride ourselves as one just as we started, for we knew we will become one someday. Different times I felt like giving up because there are days I will get stuck at a particular point that I will ask myself, Who send me? Once it took me the whole night to run a debug. I faced the following day with swollen eyes and my mind kept calculating the codes here and there. What integer do I need to call when I’m setting out? Where is it necessary to bring in the strings and Boolean. Then I realized google is always my best friend who never gets irritated at any kind of question I asked or presented.

Were there times I got tired, Oh Yes. Were there times it was hard? Hey, nobody said it’s like drinking water. Were there times I felt like giving up? Oh yes. Several times but the joy of seeing my thoughts play before me, makes me want to stay afloat. I told myself no matter what, I’m gonna code till I become coding itself.

The other amazing thing with Coding is seeing your creativity come to life. It’s so beautiful. After creating my final project app on the Quiz app, I can’t help but imagine the kind of smile and satisfaction the Creator felt when He created humans even when I knew I can do more. I felt so fulfilled and satisfied that I can now code and become a developer as I journeyed through more classes of coding. That’s an awesome feeling. For once my passion for a thing saw me through.

Many thanks to my crew. The Ignite Crew. You guys are the bomb. Special thanks to the facilitators and all those who contributed in one way or the other to make ALC Program a success. I doff my hat to you guys. You’re the best. I’m so grateful. And to Andela, I shall give back to my community and continent.

Thank you for making me a better person more than I began this year with.

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