Tales Of Love Excerpt.

I woke up this morning and wonder why I couldn’t think clear. Why I couldn’t find my tooth brush or the brush to brush my hair. I walk to the bathroom cut on the light and looked at the mirror in a blank stare. I didn’t care. I didn’t care about my nappy hair and how dry it laid there. I took off my shirt and pulled down my boxers. I stepped left foot first in the shower and turned the knob and the water began to get hot. I turned around and let the shower head hit in the right spot. And I stood their. Without a care as to why I was even there. What was I washing away? Washing away past sins.walking through the rough jungle of life just looking for a gem. And I remembered the night before I got in a fight with the love of my life. Life said “you never give me any time!” I replied “ I’m just out here trying to make a dime and you crying!” Life replied and sighed and said “ if you would give me the attention I deserve I would serve you so well and life would be so swell. My stomach would swell from the excitement you give me day after day . As night after night”. My pride stepped in and life couldn’t stand it. She cried and hid. And then…. I fell asleep from the summer heat and when I rose. She was Gone. I was alone. And there is my phone. I frantically got out the shower and realized I had been in for an hour. Fuck I missed an episode of power. And now I have to get this plaque out my teeth. Grabbed the floss and stretched it about three feet. Rolled the floss in my fingers and floss my teeth. I look at the mirror and all I see is the build up frustration of you all in my teeth. Remember how I used to play with your feet. How I used to stare at you while we were out to eat. How the tip of me started flexing before I release. Do you peep? Do you see? How I need you like I need my phone beside me? How you need me inside you. But this is simply another morning of us without you . It’s just and S but I’d rather have U and S rather than the rest . Baby I just want you to realize your the best and I can live without you , without you I don’t have a heart in my chest. REST. She used to tell me. But now I’m just rebelling. Ain’t no telling what Imma have to reveal if she comes back. Life I just wanna grind for a stack before the police pull up behind me while I got a sack. Either I swallow it with this Sprite or Imma have to watch my back when I was just on my way to the bank while packing something green and pretty stank. I just wanna enjoy the breeze in the shade without anyone trying to hate. Life I love you and I’ll never take you for granted again. But I have a lot to tell you. And it’s about a quarter to life of sin.

  • Excerpt from upcoming book.
  • By Nnamdi Davis

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