My experience in Bootcamp so far — Day 3

I had an interesting day today. The coding labs for day 3 where quite simple to do, however some were time consuming. Despite that, it was quite an enjoyable day. Except of course for the remaining effects of the fever that nearly knocked me out.

Today started like every other day, although I had trouble sleeping due to my illness. I was however stronger today compared to last night. The tasks for today came in early. I was excited to meet the days challenges.

Once again I compare my progress today with where I was yesterday and I can say that learnt something new today. I however cannot tell if my writing skills have improved any much. My BFAs response to my write up yesterday was fairly positive however I still have a long way to go. Going through her responses to other aspects of my work was uplifting. I just have to ensure that I raise the bar every single day.

I must commend andela for the platform they have provided to help aspiring developers like me grow. I can only imagine how exponential that growth will be if I get accepted to the fellowship.

My take away for today? “Raise the bar every single day”. That is the only way to grow.

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