How to finally get rid of Razor Bumps

Ugly, painful, itchy, mini ant-hill coated layer of skin underneath the chin, has got to go. But how? Like water on stone, it can be resistant to expensive advanced treatment. Waking up one morning three weeks ago and starring at the mirror was an eye-opening experience. The more I fought it, the more irritated it got with the threat of permanent scar tissue. I was fighting ugly and it obviously had nothing to loose.

That day I finally came to the conclusion I had the wrong approach all along. The occasional shaving with cheap dull razor and splash of rubbing alcohol or tea tree oil was cruelty meted when tender care was demanded. My actions also left the area exposed to bacteria infection. On the contrary, the problem called for a more appropriate treatment with patience and consistency. My trick —

Wash area with warm water and antibacterial soap. Apply 1% hydrocortizone cream to minimize itching and swelling. The rash is made worse by the presence of bacteria on the skin. This can be remedied by applying any choice benzoyl peroxide containing cream. Repeat treatment twice a day to lock in skin moisture throughout the day. Avoid shaving until rash has completely cleared up. Shave using a sharp razor and ample amount of shaving gel. Apply moisturizer.

Very simple treatment using easily obtainable products got my neck feeling like those preteen years when I tugged at my chin daily praying for any hair to show up.

Go ahead, try it.

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