I don’t claim to know how every man works and I don’t claim to know how every woman thinks
Why Guys Suck at Online Dating
Jennifer Schmidt

I comment as a single man in my early 30s experienced with online dating.

When I browse through profiles, stop and carefully read an interesting one, I take the time to craft an engaging message. One I hope will land me a date. Sometimes I get a response and most times I return later to find my message read and no response. This experience has not changed how I approach online dating. Other men may not be inclined to be as patient. We all experience rejection, some of us are better equipped at handling it than others.

Following your logic, its easy to conclude that women suck at dating. Words that come to mind are shallow, impatient, superficial, flakey and so on. But I’m also careful to add this disclaimer — while majority of women suck at online dating, there are diamonds in the rough that may take a bit of digging for the patient man.

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