What I discovered about the black lives matter movement:

When I was thinking of writing about the NFL’s corrupt legislation and the revenge of Tom Brady (which is coming), it occurred to me that there is something more important/real that is going on in the United States of America. I felt it necessary to change the topic of my position paper and discuss my thoughts on the matter.

I live in Saunderstown, R.I. A suburban, mid to upper class area with a majority of white men and women. My neighbor, one of my best friends from home, is African American. His father is actually from Ghana- a country on the western coast of Africa. His father came to the U.S in the mid 1900’s to build his own Christian church. My friend and his family are very religious people. I remember when my friend invited me to church on Sundays. He always asked if I prayed each night, and he always reminded me to never use Gods name in vein. He said, “say oh my gosh!”, which I found very annoying at times. My friend went on to study at Princeton University…He is a very smart guy. He plans on becoming a pastor just like his father and has already preached all over major cities on the eastern coast of the U.S. To get to my point- I always see my friend uploading and sharing new posts on Facebook on the Black Lives Matter movement. It always intrigued me to see what he had to say just because I was his best friend- I am white — he is black. I had a change of heart and want to learn more about this topic and demonstrate my position.

My friend (whom I will leave unnamed) shared an article on Facebook a week ago about a popular Evangelical pastor named Carl Lentz. The article is titled, “Evangelical Pastor Explains Why He Won’t Say ‘All Lives Matter” The main point of the article challenges the All Lives Matter term. There is a serious problem in the U.S. different ethnicities (primarily white) believe that Black Lives Matter is a segregated term. Shouldn’t black, white, green, purple, ALL lives matter? Why is it only black lives? In this article, Pastor Lentz illustrates his opinion on why he refuses to say All Lives Matter. I discovered a truly inspiring point from Pastor Lentz. In the current state of this country there is a serious problem regarding the African American communities. Black lives are truly worth less than others. The crazy thing about his point is that Pastor Lentz is apart of the Evangelical church. This church does not support the LGBT community. This church will allow them to participate in their services, but they will not support, or bless their marriages. It doesn’t really make sense to me. This Pastor, who is white, refuses to say “all lives matter”. Essentially supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, but at the same rejects the LGBT community. This to me is pretty ironic. This issue has yet to been tackled. Even the Skidmore Community has been effected. Last week, Skidmore students were informed by email that a Black Lives Matter poster had been vandalized. I truly support the Black Lives Matter movement and refuse to say All Lives Matter by the condition of this country.

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