Lord, teach me to forgive wholeheartedly

Forgiveness is what you do for yourself not what you do for whoever hurt you.
We may have been betrayed by spouses,friends, siblings, colleagues and even employers.

Sometimes we sit and ponder deeply why the people who maybe means a lot to us even business partners decides to become greedy or envious to betray our trust.

I tell you from experience that the pain you experience from betrayal cuts really deep and it severes the trust completely and also may lead to not being able to trust another person totally in the future irrespective of how good or great the person may be.

Sometimes the pain felt might cause/force " the betrayed" to slip into depression which is a serious mental health issue worldwide.

The weight of betrayal is so heavy that from the place of anger and hurt we usually curse and vow not to forgive " the betrayer" and end up hurting ourselves the more.

This morning i woke up with a strong urge to talk about forgiveness.. I have been praying about forgiveness since the year started and my early hours dream today has increased the urge in me talk about this..

Forgiveness is what you we do for ourselves...
People make sentences like " forgive and forget" but in my opinion, people forgive but do not necessarily forget because we are not dumb heads.
Forgiveness truly takes effect when you remember what the " betrayer " did to you and it doesn't hurt much or at all.

There is no one-size fit all or standard when dealing with betrayal.

In my opinion, cry or wail in the comfort of your home if you are hurting as a result of a betrayal. It will help you get over it faster.
Go to sleep and wake up a better person.

Remember forgiveness is what you do for yourself.