Dragon Boy Episode 1 (Season 1)

By Nicholas Nelson

One day their was a war on a planet, the planet’s name was called Gatreynus. The Omega race attacked Gatreynus “Charge don’t let them take bravo base!” yelled a soldier this was the dragon race their a tough race, the soldiers were falling back to brave base for their last defence “Get the guns ready and on my mark fire!” The general said, the soldiers went to their places “Sir! I think I see some of our soldiers coming this way” said the soldier The General rushing from his quarters “Let me see” Said the General. Their soldiers were waving their arms trying to tell them to close the gate then the soldiers see something behind them it was their army coming this way”Open the gates quickly! “ The General yelled the gates were opening the some of their soldiers got in “Now close them NOW!, and FIRE THE CANNONS” The General yelled, the gates were closing and the cannons were shot some of the Omega soldiers die but the rest were coming. Then their was a dragon came from the fort charging at them “SOLDIER WHAT ARE YOU DOING DOWN THERE ARE YOU CRAZY!” The General yelled, but he kept running he crush his fist and lift it up”Dragon Punch!” he yelled the whole army went flying “Holy Crap, Sir did you just saw that” One of the soldiers said the General look he take off his hat “I think that Jaylen?” the soldier said. “SIR THEIR LEADER COMING!”the soldier yelled “JAYLEN PROTECT KEEP DOING” The General yelled, Jaylen look at the Omega leader “So you’re the guy who did a punch to make my army go flying huh? Interesting’ Omega said then Jaylen was running at the Omega “DRAGON PUNCH!” Jaylen yelled the Omega grab his fist the punch right through him “JAYLEN!” The General “Jaylen go flying to the front gate “General get my family and everyone into a pod so they be safe I try to hold him back” Jaylen said. The General start running to the soldiers “Soldiers get all the civilians and get them in the pod were leaving the planet” The General, Jaylen was still fighting their leader on the planet everyone else and me got sent somewhere else so they can’t find us but for me I got sent to planet Earth and my name is Harry and I’m a dragon boy. On planet Earth it was a girl name Sarah she a highschooler walked to school “Hey Sarah!” Aiden said, Sarah turnaround “Oh hey Aiden what you doing here I thought you don’t walk to school” Sarah asked, “I didn’t ride the bus today” Aiden said. When they were walking they just kept walking to school, “So Sarah what you wanna do today” Aiden said, “Uhh…. I don’t really know we can’t go explore today how about we just chill at your house” Sarah said, school ended Sarah was walking home she opens the door “Finally home safe and sound’ Sarah said she threw her backpack down on the floor and sat on the couch her phone rings she walks to the phone ‘Hello?” Sarah asked “Oh it me Aiden I just wanna to know if you wanna hangout today” Aiden asked. “Sure just come over and I be out there” Sarah reply then she hung up, When Sarah was putting on her shoes she went outside and look in the sky but she sawing something first she thought it was a jet but it was coming straight at her she ran a took cover, the thing crashed on landed at least no one was there to get hurt “What was that’ Sarah said the smoke was covering the crash when the smoke was cleared it showed a pod “What the” Sarah said.

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