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Don’t just spend hours cranking out thousands of job applications to tech companies online. Follow these key steps to start landing more Developer opportunities in 2020 & beyond.

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What does personal branding have to do with being a Developer?

Whether you’re fresh out of a coding bootcamp, in your first year in tech, or someone who’s been comfortable in your position at a company with beer-stocked fridges for some years now, you might be someone who wants to expand your options and increase the amount of opportunities coming your…

Building out new projects can be an exciting experience, but which developer tools provide the most comprehensive documentation? A user’s experience matters. Let’s note them here…

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My Metric for What Makes for Great Documentation

Everyone is different. So I can only speak for myself when I describe key factors about what makes for great documentation on today’s modern developer platform sites.

It is imperative to remind one another that assumptions are inevitably made when writing for an entire ecosystem of developers, considering that the…

From platforms to languages and frameworks, let’s break down some of the biggest predictions of web development tools rising in popularity for 2019:

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1. ReactJS Will Continue to Clean House

Want to open your coding projects faster? Want to mitigate moving through various folders with just one simple command? Here’s how to create quick shortcut commands!

The file .bash_profile might really be where all the magic happens for creating shortcut commands in the Terminal! If you’re sort of familiar with the general Unix command line commands that allow you to navigate through your machine via the Terminal, then creating aliases will help optimize your navigation process…

Want to seamlessly maneuver through your computer with commands in the Terminal?? Here’s how:

Want to use your Terminal just for fun? Run these commands in your Terminal and learn to get better at interacting more with your machine as opposed to your computer’s User Interface.

7 Commands You’ll Use in this Tutorial

pwd, cd, ls, mkdir, touch, open, nano, and more!

4 Problems You’ll Solve in this Tutorial

  • Creating a Python file via the Terminal
  • Creating an…

The Girl Develop It non-profit organization hosted a 4-part Introduction to Python class at SmartBear Software in Boston — as a developer myself, here’s what I learned from being a TA!

Introduction to Python — SmartBear Software x Girl Develop It

Volunteering has been something I’ve been doing since I was in high school. I volunteered in spaces that truly resonated with me, my passions, and personal mission. I am a proud volunteer for Girl Develop It’s Boston Chapter and I try to engage with the communities locally to provide opportunities…

WomenTechmakers members in Cambridge, MA were graced with the presence of brilliant, ambitious women in tech at Google Cambridge offices; here are notes I gathered from my experience celebrating International Women’s Day

Keynote Speaker >> Tali Sason

Software Engineering Manager @ Google

The incredibly resilient talk that Tali gave IWD Summit attendees a great takeaway after sharing her stories about facing discrimination as the only woman in her Computer Engineering program in college:

Find success in everything that you do, at every level you find yourself…

In 2016, I was mopping floors at a tanning salon in Houston, Texas. In 2017, I taught myself how to code and now I’m a Software Engineer in Boston’s media tech hub.

This may seem confusing and quite drastic upon initially skimming over the title, but there is a back story that provides context to a unique problem and an equally viable solution that sprouted in my life for the past year, looking back, and looking forward into 2020.

I am your typical and atypical nerd. I grew up playing video games everyday, reading sci-fi/fantasy books, illustrating, writing stories, composing music, playing horn instruments obnoxiously loud in the garage, and studying any subject I found and deemed intriguing and significant to the human experience. These were all of my…

The last weeks at Resilient Coders’ bootcamp taught me so much about consistency, tenacity, and vulnerability in web development… I am officially part of the future of technology.

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I graduated from the bootcamp. I’ve completed a major part of my web developer journey. But this is only the beginning.

Resilient Coders taught me that resilience goes beyond one’s need to remain focused with a tunnel-like vision on the goals and accomplishments that are dangling right before you, ready to be claimed. It’s also about how you will take the skills and accomplishments to create products and or services that…

Nnenna & Node.js: I think I’ve fallen in love…

Source — SAP

The funny thing about my experience with Node.js is that I’ve been implicitly utilizing it at work everyday.

I work on web application development of data visualization graph engineering at work in Cambridge started by MIT engineers. All of that data processing doesn’t just happen out of thin air in…


Software Engineer @OReillyMedia. @Google @WomenTechmakers Scholar. Resilient Coder. world traveler.

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