That was a great read.
Eden Eltume

Eden Eltume, I’ve been writing and reading heavily since I was like 4 (when I was in daycare, I still remember reading ‘The Headless Horseman’!). I truly believe it’s one of my talents and I’d love to dedicate more time to the craft. It brings me a lot of joy.

The AP classes helped me to train my critical thinking skills and remain tactful and organized with my writing and less ‘flowery’ with my language when writing papers full of analytical statistics. But there’s a time and place for different styles of writing. My default writing style definitely possesses an ‘intellectual flowery’ voice, if that makes sense.

I truly agree with you as it pertains to mixing the hobbies/interests of my past with my current life. I’m finding a way to merge discussing technology as it relates to economic disparities and accessibility. Those types of angles are significant for the amelioration of suffering communities in our world. Not solely the discussions, but the engineering-related actions that may be strategized, yielding from such discussions.

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