What in the World is Happening in College Basketball?

On Tuesday news broke that ten people had been arressted in connection with a college basketball with charges of fraud and corruption. Four assistant coaches were included in the group. Along with an Adidas executive.

Basically, recruits and their families were being paid to commit to certain schools. This was an FBI investigation, not an NCAA investigation. The FBI has subpoena power. So they can really do whatever they want. We’re talking undcover agents, wire tapping, the whole nine yards.

It’s a mess. Rick Pitino has been fired at Louisville, assitants have been put on leave, and the FBI is still investigating. This whole thing is far from over. More programs could be involed, other names could come out, and who knows what the end result will be. Louisville’s team, as of Monday, was a top 10 team in college basketball. Today? They don’t even have a head coach, are losing commits, and will probably have several players transfer.

But, it’s not just Louisville. Arizona’s assistant was caught saying a player on their team was already taken care of while discussing the paying of a future recruit. Who that player is? We do not know. But it could be Alonzo Trier, or DeAndre Ayton, or any other of the Wildcat’s best players. Arizona, the preseason number one team for many, could be largely affected by all of this.

So how could this problem be fixed?

I have heard some say: “End the one and done rule, let kids go straight to the NBA.”


That may help.

But let’s not act like this wasn’t a problem before one and done. And let’s not act like it wouldn’t still be a problem after one and done. The reason is this: There will always be a top recruit, or best player out there. That means there will always be a coach, or shoe company willing to steer them in one direction or another with money. The only way the NCAA can fix this, or stop any form of cheating, is to just throw out the rulebook. Plain and simple.

I realize it’s not actually simple. There need to be rules. But unless the current rules are thrown out, this will continue to happen. Because money runs everything. And sometimes, money ruins everything. Just ask Emmanuel Richardson, Chuck Person, Lamont Evans, Tony Bland, and six others who arrested by the FBI yesterday. Just ask Rick Pitino, who as of now, is unemployed.

Money can get you a lot of things. It can get you status. It can get you friends. It can even get you a recruit. But it can also get you in a lot of trouble. Ten people found that out yesterday. And I assume a few more will find out the same things in the coming days and weeks.

It’s just like The Notorious B.I.G famously said:

“It’s like the more money we come across, the more problems we see.”

Thanks for reading. Pardon any missed typos.


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