Volunteering: The Speed Dating of Careers

Due to the increased amount of awareness within the political world, and a unhealthy obsession with NPR Politics, I have been more aware of political organizations in the Atlanta area. I started getting more curious about politics and law as a career, but I didn’t want to make a complete career commitment.

I saw Gideon’s Promise online on Volunteer Match, and they’re a nonprofit law firm for public defenders before they get trapped within the hands of the governmental system. Even though it’s only my second day of volunteering, it is interesting learning more about how complicated the criminal justice system is, even more so than the healthcare system. This nonprofit organization hosts different lawyer training programs about how to properly address judges, prosecutors, and dealing with clients.

Volunteering is an interesting way to not only be of service to other people, but it’s also a way to get a glimpse of future workplaces to belong to. These days I want to try to find my place in the world one step at a time. The closer that I get to graduation, the more that the uncertainty of the future that really scares me.

Many college seniors that I talk to are just as scared or uncertain about the future, but despite it all, we continue to keep on day by day. This uncertainty does not stop even when we get older in our thirties, forties, and later on in life.

I’m not used to venturing out in the real world yet. The classroom has always been a room for possibility and learning while being able to stretch our minds and challenge thinking. School was something that I have known, but academics are not an indicator of success by a long shot.

Until the struggle of job searching befalls me, I will milk every opportunity that I have to glimpse into as many work cultures and careers as I can. Because why not? 🙂

Originally published at lettersofanacho.com on March 6, 2017.