If you have troubles installing and using Cocoapods on Apple M1 computers, here’s a short guide:

If you’re installing Cocoapods as a gem or with Homebrew, it installs as usual, but you get an error related to the ffi gem because this gem doesn’t compile under M1 for now. The solution is to install the Intel version that works perfectly via Rosetta 2:

sudo arch -x86_64 gem install ffi

Next, install Cocoapods:

sudo gem install cocoapods

Now you can use it with Rosetta 2:

arch -x86_64 pod init

If you get tired of typing arch -x86_64 over and over again, create an alias in your .zprofile:

alias intel=”arch -x86_64"

From this moment, if you want to…

Are you feeling nervous and anxious about job interviews?

I’m going to break down the whole process for you and throw in a few “secret” tips to pass almost any interview with flying colors.

Let’s pinpoint what skills do you need to get hired as a Golang developer.

The first part, obviously, grasp of the language and computer science fundamentals. Nothing new here.

But not every book/course/resource is equal.

If your knowledge is kinda rusty, you have to roll up your sleeves, study, and get as much practice as possible to solve real-world problems.

Mastering Golang is not easy but straightforward.

I assume you already can code in Go (maybe not as an expert developer…

If you must (or like to) learn Go (Golang), this article will point you in the right direction.

If you are still unsure, should you learn Go or another language, let me tell you a few facts and stats to help you make the right decision.

(Skip the following 4 paragraphs if you’ve already decided to learn Go.)

Salaries of Go developers are high. It’s all relative to your location and experience, of course. You’ll generally command a higher salary as a Go programmer than a PHP programmer (for example). …

Important: this article is intended for raw newbies. If you’re an experienced developer, this is not for you.

Probably, you want to learn to program to expand your skills/interests, or you are curious about how computers work in general.

Or you were laid off and looking for a career change to work from home, maybe going freelance, and future-proof yourself from recessions to come.

Though I’m against going all in and start to program without knowing the fundamentals (and, yes, there are lots of so-called “copy-paste” developers out there whom I won’t trust to create or fix critical systems), I…

Photo by Thomas Tucker on Unsplash

Yes, I’m talking about infamous Boeing 737 Max accidents that took lives of 346 people in total due to faulty MCAS software.

According to the media, to cut development costs, Boeing’s subcontractors hired temporary workers for a whopping $9 an hour!

Anyway, what this has to do with you, as a programmer?

A lot.

Your attitude matters. Even if you work for $9 an hour — do your best. Maybe it’s only me, but I think that it’s your fault if you accepted such a rate. That fact doesn’t allow you to avoid responsibility. …

I have a confession.

I’m a programming languages junkie.

I love to buy new courses and learn about new technologies. I have more than a hundred courses in my Udemy account.

And I haven’t written anything grandiose besides a few simple mobile apps and a bunch of helpful scripts.

So, maybe my unsolicited opinion isn’t what you need. But hear me out.

Photo by Juan Gomez on Unsplash

The first thing you should do is to ask yourself: “What’s my goal?”

Do you want to find a high-paying job? Any job? Earn some green stuff with freelance gigs?

Complete that side-project you dreamt of for the…

Nikolay Nikonov

iOS (Objective-C, Swift), C++, Go (golang), and Android (Flutter/Dart) developer

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