PKS/PAS: How to SSH Into BOSH Director VM

Below are steps to SSH into BOSH Director VM

  • Login to Ops Manager UI, through a browser
  • Open the BOSH Director tile.
  • Select the Credentials tab -> Bbr Ssh Credentials, click Link to Credential
  • Or Directly we can hit below URL:


Here <ops_manager_ip> : OPS-MANAGER IP Address.

  • It will open Tabs containing a JSON credential format.

1. Copy the RSA PRIVATE KEY and paste it into a file named ~/.ssh/bbr.key. Include -----BEGIN RSA PRIVATE KEY----- and -----END RSA PRIVATE KEY-----.

NOTE: Keep the key secure. The key provides full access to the entire PCF environment.

2. Replace all \n characters in bbr.key with a line break.

sed -i ‘s/\\n/\n/g’ ~/.ssh/bbr.key

3. Modify the permissions of the file

chmod 600 ~/.ssh/bbr.key

4. SSH into the BOSH Director from your machine.

ssh bbr@<bosh-DIRECTOR-IP>  -i  ~/.ssh/bbr.key

5. Execute below command the root privilege.

sudo -i