Romanian Artist of the Century

Ion Bîrlădeanu, born 1946, is the most relevant collage maker ever to come out of Bucharest. His art, presented now in The Gallery of Everything, is everything from Elena Ceaușescu to James Bond, gypsies, snow, strippers, old Hollywood and TAROM. Much better than Hogarth.

Ion Bîrlădeanu is not to be confused with a sprint kayaker born 1958 by the same name. Our Bîrlădeanu has a page on the Romanian wikipedia, while the kayaker has a page on the English one.

Here is The Museum of Everything take on the show (see caption):

Arts Thread visited the show and found this piece to be the most appealing one:

Artist Sophie Levi enjoyed this Indian assemblage:

The Gallery of Everything used to be a barbershop. It's located right opposite Chiltern Firehouse.

Don’t miss the quirky merchandise of everything in the basement. The terrific space is managed by Gabriella Sonabend. The Museum of Everything was founded by multitasker James Brett.

4 Chiltern Street, W1U 7PS 🥝

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