Photo Credit: stallkerl via Flickr

The Worst Kind of Person

You know that one person? They were the worst for you.

They were someone you once respected. Even loved.

An ex. Old boss. Former best friend. Roommate. Colleague. Parent.

At one point, you considered them in the top five most influential people in your life. Perhaps you still do (likely for darker reasons, now.)

They had the capacity to cripple you (and exercised that capacity regularly.) They’d punch you, and your reflex was to apologize. In grade school, it was a competitive best friend. In college, an unnerving boyfriend (okay, two.) Post-college, a chauvinistic manager. You know that person. You may know a few of them. You may meet them yet again, down the road.

You don’t have to write a geometric proof of why they’re bad for you. We trust you, they are. Own this truth. You acquired this wisdom at no small cost.

Fine-tune your radar. Recalibrate often; they know how to scramble your signals.

Cut them from the team. If you can’t avoid them entirely, put them on the bench. You call the shots- you’re in charge here.

Then one day, you’re out there on your own and remember, “Oh that’s right, I like me.”

Some people, by vice or virtue, bring out the best of the person I am and the person I aspire to be. Those are the people I hang around nowadays.