Definitely the 5 Best Podcast Episodes Ever Created

Ok, I was completely wrong when I said these 5 podcasts were the best ever created. My bad.

1. The Living Room by Love and Radio

What starts out as weird, unintentional voyeurism takes an unexpected turn. As compelling as it is heartbreaking. Love and Radio regularly produces winners by exposing human emotions in unusual ways. Other L+R winners are here, here and here.

2. Case #3 Belt Buckle by Mystery Show

Mystery Show is undoubtedly a very polarizing show. I instantly fell in love with this episode. The story arc and pacing is great, and the resolution is deeply satisfying. But when I shared it with others, I got mixed reactions, much to my surprise. Some can’t get over Starlee’s voice (I kind of like it), and for others it developed too slowly and they lost interest. But whatever, it’s good.

3. Shine On You Crazy Goldman by Reply All

A well-known and risk-adverse reporter takes small doses of acid for a week while reporting for work. It goes about as well as you might expect. Reply All consistently puts out good stuff, examples here, and here.

4. Triassic Park by Criminal

Criminal never grabs you by the shirt collar and makes you listen. It asks that you gently take a seat and hold good posture. I loved this simple, unique story that weaves together mythology, government bureaucracy and nature.

5. Reg Spiers by The Dollop

Dave and Gareth are normally busy rehashing American history but have taken a break to visit the land down under. Their tour of Australia has produced some of my favorite The Dollop episodes so far. I love the energy that comes from the live audience, and the Aussie guests are usually pretty funny. This story about a pro-javelin-thrower is completely bonkers and not only carries for the full 90 minutes but picks up speed as it goes. Some of my other favorites from the tour are here, here and here.