The 5 Best Podcast Episodes Ever Created

1. Everything, Nothing, Harvey Keitel by The Truth Podcast (produced by Pejk Malinovski)

The Truth Podcast regularly produces attention-grabbing short, fictional audio dramas. They’re sometimes creepy, sometimes funny and tend to comment on current issues in it’s own special way. This is a feature piece by poet/filmmaker/producer Pejk Malinovski.

I like this episode because it’s immersive and unique. The story arc slowly evolves over the course of the episode. It’s not linear and you’re not sure where it’s going. And after listening, I was intently focused on learning more about Harvey Keitel and meditation.

2. The Mercenary by Snap Judgement

Have you ever wanted to trek across African war plains in the midst of battling child armies? What about contracting dysentery so debilitating that someone else has to carry you to a ditch to relieve yourself?

Me neither. But I did enjoy listening to a detailed account of this documentarian and mercenary duo who form a strong bond in desperate times.

It relays the less exposed aspects of war- its addiction, and the public relations-type of activity conducted by different factions. This strong podcast offering from Snap Judgement continually keeps my attention.

3. Lenny Dykstra by The Dollop

The Dollop operates on a simple premise. One comedian reads an account of an incident or person in American history to another comedian who provides commentary on the story.

The Lenny Dykstra story is the perfect backdrop for Dave and Garteth’s comedic musings. Dykstra was a professional baseball player. And the path that leads him to eventually teaming up with warlock-era Charlie Sheen is the most interesting and depressing chronicle I've heard.

It’s like a really, really funny train wreck.

4. Song Exploder No. 16: Spoon

This is insane!

Spoon reveals that when recording, they act like some-kind-of-future-Pandora-radio and rehearse their songs as if interpreted by different musical artists. For example, they wonder how Iggy Pop would play one of their songs.

Sometimes I’m a little freaked out by the songs that Hrishikesh Hirway chooses to feature on Song Exploder, but this one is just awesome.

5. The Moth Presents Walter Pavlo: Embezzled

This is one of the first podcast episodes to really draw me in.

Walter’s story is pretty common as far as big white collar crime goes. But his nuanced imagery of his life before and after he decided to willingly conduct a crime is striking.

For me, The Moth has been drowned out as the podcast world has become more crowded. However, there is something so raw about a man confessing to his crime, the decision that led to it, and the consequences faced after being caught.

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