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5 Halifax Fitness Brands That Are Killing It on Instagram… and How They Do It

Learn from the brands that are leveraging Instagram to it’s fullest


It’s important to tell a story with your content. The story SPINCO tells is one of community, motivation and feel good vibes.

SPINCO has a clear brand aesthetic that is evident when scrolling through their feed. By focusing on neutral colours SPINCO highlights their content, which in turn promotes their core brand philosophy:


2. Fitness FX

In February 2017 Instagram unveiled its carousel feature, allowing brands to post up to 10 photos in a single post. It’s designed to encourage engagement, and storytelling. When combined with ads, dynamic ordering will allow Instagram to pull the weight for you, placing your best content first in the carousel.

Fitness FX uses the native Instagram carousel to create an engaging way for members to swipe through the daily class schedule.

Ironstone Strength & Conditioning

Promoting your product and swag on Instagram can be challenging, unless you are driving sales back to an online shop. If you don’t have an e-commerce solution set up, sell through comments.

Ironstone Strength & Conditioning drove sales this way by showing off the product while teasing their facility.


You don’t always need to promote your own services or product offering. Share content that promotes your brand philosophy and resonates with your audiences’ values. Sharing this type of content will also generate the engagement you are looking for.

RIO shows us just how this is possible by reminding us to be mindful of the time we spend on our devices.

Blended Athletics

Instagram takeovers are an effective way to expand your reach organically. Choosing the right influencer is key to a successful takeover. You’ll share followers, and both sides will have an expanded reach into a relevant community.

Blended Athletics shows us how to align with the right community influencer.

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