Google must stand against human rights abuses: #NoGCPforCBP

No GCP for CBP
14 min readAug 14, 2019
The words “Never Again” with the Google logo in place of the letter G, followed by #NoGCPforCBP

US Customs and Border Protection (CBP) is currently engaged in human rights abuses at the US Southern border. Together with Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) and the Office of Refugee Resettlement (ORR), which is presently responsible for the housing of migrant children, they are caging and harming asylum seekers, separating children from parents, illegally detaining refugees and US citizens, and perpetrating a system of abuse and malign neglect that has led to the deaths of at least 7 children in detention camps. These abuses are illegal under international human rights law, and immoral by any standard.

In January of 2017 thousands of Googlers, including our executives, joined together to protest the Trump administration’s Muslim Ban. This was the right thing to do and we are proud to work at a place that reflects these values.

It has recently come to light that CBP is gearing up to request bids on a massive cloud computing contract. The winning cloud provider will be streamlining CBP’s infrastructure and facilitating its human rights abuses. It’s time to stand together again and state clearly that we will not work on any such contract. We demand that Google publicly commit not to support CBP, ICE, or ORR with any infrastructure, funding, or engineering resources, directly or indirectly, until they stop engaging in human rights abuses.

Google has repeatedly advertised its commitments to implementing ethical guardrails on its tech. Google’s AI Principles state that Google will not build technologies “whose purpose contravenes widely accepted principles of international law and human rights.” By any interpretation, CBP and ICE are in grave violation of international human rights law. The company has also pledged to create a diverse, inclusive, and psychologically safe workplace for all its workers, including immigrants and Latinx people — the very populations whose communities, families, and friends are being terrorized by CBP and ICE.

In working with CBP, ICE, or ORR, Google would be trading its integrity for a bit of profit, and joining a shameful lineage. We have only to look to IBM’s role working with the Nazis during the Holocaust to understand the role that technology can play in automating mass atrocity.

History is clear: the time to say NO is now. We refuse to be complicit. It is unconscionable that Google, or any other tech company, would support agencies engaged in caging and torturing vulnerable people. And we are not alone — the world is watching and the facts are clear. We stand with workers and advocates across the industry who are demanding that the tech industry refuse to provide the infrastructure for mass atrocity.


1495 Googlers and 94 other supporters*

*We launched this petition publicly at the same time that we announced it within Google. We will be updating this post periodically as signatures are added. The list of signatures from Googlers and supporters is included below.

Academic, civil society, and industry supporters:

To add your name to the list of supporters:

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Googlers who opted to shared their signatures publicly:

A Concerned Border Googler, Engineer
A. Wahl, SWE
Aaron Homer, Software Engineer
Abdulmajid Alnouri, Software Engineer
Abi Jones, UX Manager
Aditi Nagaraj, Software Engineer
Adolfas Lapsys, Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Adrien Kunysz, Site Reliability Engineer
Adrienne Walker, Software Engineer
Alan Donovan, Software Engineer
Alan Krumholz, Senior AI Engineer
Alec McGinnis, Interaction Designer
Alec Story, Senior Software Engineer
Alex Diaz, Visual Designer
Alex Heinz, Software Engineer
Alexa D, Policy Specialist
Alexander Rakoczy, Software Engineer
Alexandra Dutton, Software Engineer
Alexandre Rodrigues
Alexandre Zani, Software Engineer
Ali Beatty, Program Manager
Alice Lee, Program Manager
Alice Merrick, UX Researcher
Alice Reyzin, Senior Software Engineer
Allie Miller, UX Researcher
Alon Altman, Senior site reliability engineer
Amanda Reidy, Event Manager
Amir Raiyani, Data Engineer
Ammar Aijazi, SWE
Amr Gaber, Software Engineer
André Livramento Magnani, StratOps Manager
Andrea Kilpatrick, Software Engineer
Andreas Neumann, Staff Software Engineer, Google Cloud
Andrew Gainer-Dewar, Software Engineer
Andrew Ho, Staff Software Engineer
Andrew Sherman, Software engineer
Andrew Strait, Ethics & Policy Researcher
Andrew Swank, UX Engineer
Andy Blank, Software Engineer
Angela Pablo, UX Designer
Angie DeHart, Program Manager
Ann Fernandez, Educator, Google Children’s Centers
Anna Hyclak, UX Content Strategist
Anna Santos
Anna Urra
Annalee, SRE
Annamarie Patron, Marketing Specialist
Anthony Chan
Anthony Nichols, Policy Specialist
Anthony Nicholson, Software Engineer
Anthony Polito, Senior Software Engineer
Anthony T
Antonio García Castañeda, Software Engineer
Aran Gilman, Software Engineer
Asher Kach, Software Engineer, Google
Ashley Rose, Software Engineer
Audrey Harris
Audrey Zekonis, UX Writer
Ayla Ounce, Site Reliability Engineer
Aysha Ansari
Aysha Gomez-Kureishi, Program Manager II
Ben Hallion, Software Engineer
Benja Cruz, Google Cloud Program Manager
Benjamin S Wolf, Senior Software Engineer
Berhan Feseha, Administrative Business Partner
Bin Lan, Software Engineer
Blair Metcalf, Senior UX Engineer
Boaz Goldstein, SRE
Bob Jung
Bobby Dygert, Senior Software Engineer
Bonnie Zhou, Software Engineer
Brandon F, Software Engineer
Brandon Jones, Software Engineer
Bri Burr, Software Engineer
Bria W., Software Engineer
Brian Ellis, Staff Software Engineer
Brian McSwiggen, Software Engineer
Brian Yu, Software Engineering Intern
Brock Jackman, Software Engineer
Bruce Hahne, Technical Program Manager
Bryanna , Recruiter
C Geddie
Calvary Rogers, Policy Specialist
Carla Echevarria, UX Design Lead, Google Assistant
Carlos Enrique Gomez, APMM
Carol A
Casey Davis, Software Engineer
Casey Mariel Anderson
Cassandra Fox, SRE
Chewy Shaw, Site Reliability Engineer
Chieu Nguyen, Computational Linguist
Chloe Snyder, Software Engineer
Chris Calo, Interaction Designer
Chris Hsu, Site Reliability Engineer
Chris Palmer, Software Security Engineer
Chris Wagner, Software Engineer
Christian K. Davis, SWE Intern
Christina Holland, Software Engineer
Christina Lu, Intern
Christina Thelin, Brand Manager
Christopher Anderson, Senior Software Engineer
Christopher M. Stewart, Analytical Linguist
Christopher Neffshade, Data Scientist
Christopher Schmidt, Senior Software Engineer
Christopher Wren, Software Engineer
Clara Gordon, SWE
Clau, Legal
Claudia McKenzie, Technical Program Manager
Colby Jordan, Product Manager
Coleen Elliott
Conan Dooley, Privacy Engineer
Conner Kasten, Software Engineer
Connor Regan, Product Marketing Manager
Conrad Parker, Software Engineer
Cortney Cassidy, Visual Designer
Cos, Site Reliability Engineer
Courtney Casey, Shopping Technical Specialist
Craig Chasseur, Senior Software Engineer
Curtis Steckel, Worker
Daisy Ifama
dan b., programmer
Dan Glick, Software Engineer
Dan Hartmann, Staff Software Engineer
Dan Hope, UX Writer
Dan Nanas, Program Manager
Daniel Bali, Software Engineer
Daniel Connelly, Senior Software Engineer
Daniel Ho, Software Engineer
Daniel LaLiberte, Software Engineer
Daniel Lanza, Software engineer
Daniel Margulis, Software Engineer
Daniel Peirano, Software Engineer
Daniel Tóth, Senior Policy Specialist
Danielle Milton, Account Manager
Darryl Lee, Temp Development Infrastructure Engineer at Adecco, onsite at Google
Darya, EP Intern
Daryl Ducharme, Software Engineer
David Chou, Software Engineer
David Ramsey, Software engineer
David Skidmore, Software Engineer
David Souther, Software Engineer
David Walker, Software Engineer
David Worsham, Senior Software Engineer
Dawn Chamberlain, Software Engineer
Dent Earl, Software Engineer
Devika Dhir
Devon Hollowood, Software Engineer
Diana Gage, Software Engineer
Diana J. Schwend, Interaction Designer
Diana P.
Diana Reyes, Project Coordinator
Dominic Hamon, Engineer Manager
Dominic Mitchell, Software Engineer
Doug Mayo-Wells, UX Designer
Dylan Baker, Software Engineer
E.M. Schmidt, Technical Writer
Eddie Grystar
Edward Krohne, Software Engineer
Effie Constantinou, Training Project Lead
Elena Dedova, Software Engineer
Eliah Hecht, SWE
Elijah Soria, Software Engineer
Elizabeth Goodman, Software Engineer
Elizabeth Lass, UX Designer, Mother
Ellin Zhao, Ellin Zhao
Elliotte Rusty Harold, SWE
Emily Denton, Research Scientist
Emily Maier, SRE
Emma Morales, Corporate Operations Engineer
Eric Bostic , Legal Associate
Eric Hustvedt
Eric Lewis, Software Engineer
Eric Miller, Software Engineer
Erin Moore, Software Engineer
Erty Seidohl, Software Engineer
Esteban Gonzalez, Software Engineer
Esteban Morales
Esteban Pérez-Hemminger, Senior UX Designer
Ethan Gracer, Product Solutions Engineer
Ethan Peters, Datacenter Technician II
Eugene Kirpichov, Staff Software Engineer
Eugenia Junco
Evan Anderson, Senior Staff Software Engineer
Evan Friis, Software Engineer
Evan Kokkila Schumacher
Evan M., Software Engineer
Evelyn Chen, Software Engineer
F. Carr, Software engineer
Fabian Pedregosa, Research Scientist
Fabian Teichmueller, Partnership manager
Flavio Fiszman
Floris Bruynooghe, Site Reliability Engineer
Francis Cheng, Staff Technical Writer
G.K., Software Engineer
Gabe Benjamin, Software Engineer
Gabriel Jimenez, Product Marketing Manager
Gabriel Raphael Garcia Montoya, Software Engineer
Gabrielle Aguilar, Training Specialist
Gargi Mitra Keeling, Product Manager
Garrett Maron, Analyst
Gauri Iyer, Software Intern
Gautam Hathi, Software Engineer
Geoffrey Martin-Noble
George Steel
Gianni Gambetti, Software Engineer
Gordon Barber
Gordon Brander, Sr Designer
Grayson Mack
Greg Schoppe, Developer Programs Engineer
Guilherme Fernandes Miguel
Gustavo Franco, Engineering Manager, SRE
Hank Heijink, software engineer
Harpo Jaeger, Software Engineer
HC, Software Engineer
Heath Row, Research Operations Manager
Henning Meyer, Senior SRE
Henry Faulkner, Administrative Business Partner
Hollee Hord, Program Manager
Ian Gowen, Software Engineer
Ian Muldoon, Software Engineer
Ines Franch, Software Engineer
Irene Knapp, Software Engineer
Isaac Clerencia, Senior SRE
Isaac Rivas, Software Engineer
J Snyder, Software Engineer
Jack Ley, Site Reliability Engineer
Jackson Best, Head of Operations
Jacob Block, Software Engineer
Jacob Kaufman-Osborn, Software Engineer
James Kohli
Jamie Sheasley, Policy Specialist
Jamie Smith, Software Engineer
Jamie Wilkinson, SRE
Jana Spencer, Senior Software Engineer
Jared Bhatti, Technical Writing Manager
Jared Christen, Software Engineer
Jasmin Garcia, Technical Recruiter
Jason Cahoon, Site Reliability Engineer
Jay Gengelbach, Engineering Manager, Verily Life Sciences
Jeff Dempsey, senior software engineer
Jeff Grafton, Senior Software Engineer
Jeffrey Lyman, SWE
Jeffrey Yasskin, Software Engineer
Jen K, Brand Manager, Google Cloud
Jenni Kilduff, Software Engineer
Jennifer Thakar, Software Engineer
Jenny Lee, Software Engineer
Jenny Montes
Jenny Wang, Site Reliability Engineer
Jeremy Zimmer, Technical Program Manager
Jerilyn Franz, Sr Site Reliability Engineer
Jess M., Software Engineer
Jesse James Ruiz
Jesse Nichols
Jesse Wattenbarger, Test Engineer
Jesse Welch, Software Engineer
Jessica Ferguson, Software Engineer
Jessica Sidhu, Intern Recruiter
Jesus Aviles, PgM
Jesus Castellano, Search Product Specialist
Jillian Co, Software Engineer
Jody O’Donnell, PgM
Joe Carnahan, Software Engineer
Joe Lodin, Technical Writer
Joe Mason, Developer
Joe Veilleux, Test Engineer
Joëlle Skaf, Staff Software Engineer
John Herman, Software Engineer
John Olson, Engineering
John Phillpot, Site Reliability Engineer
John Stracke, Senior Software Engineer
John Wohn
Jon Cass, Software Engineer
Jonathan Amar, Intern
Jonathan David Cohen, Software Engineer
Jonathan Lepage, Software Engineer
Jonathan Rivers
Jonathan Schuster, Software Engineer
Jono Sadeghi, APMM
Jose Rodriguez, Recruiter, Global Business Organization
Josh Deprez, Site Reliability Engineer
Josh Gan
Joshua Leonard, Software Engineer
Joshua O’Madadhain, Technical Debt Collector
Joy, Technical Program Manager
JP Sugarbroad, Senior Software Engineer
Julia Barrett
julia ferraioli
Julia K, Analyst
Julia Tuttle, Software Engineer
Julian Gruber, Cloud Staffing
Julian Ibarz, Senior Staff Software Engineer
Justin Donnelly, Software Engineer
Justin Lardinois, Software Engineer
K. D., Technical Writer
kablaa, security engineer
Kahlil, Software Engineer
Kai Kent, Software Engineer
Kai Ninomiya, Software Engineer
Kaitlin Huben, Senior Software Engineer
Kaleigh Smith, Software Engineer
Kate Ciungan, Program Manager
Kate Donahue, Software Engineer
Kate Kenneally, Software Engineer
Kate Meizner, User Experience Researcher
Katelyn Hollingsworth, Research
Kathleen Bagmanov, Team Lead, gUP Training
Kathryn Spiers, Security Engineer
Kei Nakagawa, Software Engineer
Kelli Ireland, Software Engineer
Ken Moore, User Experience Designer
Kenny Blanchette, Product Manager
Kevin Burrell
Kevin Ferret, Product Manager
Kevin Melendez, Active Candidate Speciliast
Kevin Stadmeyer, Engineering Manager
Kimberly Wilber, Software Engineer
Kristen Tracey, Software Engineer
Kristopher Kooi, Software Engineer
Kwasi Mensah, Senior Software Engineer
Kyle Dhillon, Software Engineer
Larry Wilkins, People Ops
Lars Duran, Operations Manager
Laura Gifford
Lauren Fernandez
Lauren Sinclair
Laurence Berland, Senior SRE
Lea Cuniberti-Duran, Senior UX Designer, Data Analytics — Google Cloud
Leo Rudberg
Leslie Scott, Researcher
Liam Dalton
Liam Hopkins
Lilian Young, Information Security Engineer
Lindsay Hall, Senior Software Engineer
Liz Merritt, Program Manager
Liz Weech, Software Engineering Intern
Liza Burakova, Security engineer
Lizzie Reid
Lori (Dooley) Cerrone
Lorne Needle
Lu Liu, Software Engineer
Lucas Sanders, Software Engineer
Luis Bruno, SRE
Luke Granger-Brown, Site Reliability Engineer
Lyman Hurd, Software Engineer
Lynne Goerner, Software Engineer
M K Grimes, Research Scientist
M. J., Site Reliability Engineer
M. Paul Weeks, Software Engineer
M.Roberts, People Ops
Maciej Murakowski
Madeleine B, Software engineer
Mahesh Vashishtha, Software Engineer II
Manu Cornet, Software Engineer
Manuel Lopez, Analyst
Marcel, Software Engineer
Marcus Schwartz, SRE
Margaret Meyerhofer, Senior Software Engineer
Margo Smith, Software Engineer
Maria Tamayo, Compliance Coordinator
Marie Collins, Business Analyst
Marie Cosgrove-Davies, Product Manager
Mario Lanao, Business Analyst
Mark Dudley, Software Engineer
Mark Egerman, Product Manager
Mark Fralick
Maryam A., No Title
Matias Pelenur, Staff Software Engineer
Matt Diaz, UX Researcher
Matt Mager
Matt Viggiano, Software Engineer
Matthew Borchardt, Product Solutions Engineer
Matthew Garrett, Staff Security Engineer
Matthew Martin, SWE
Matthew Prince, Software Engineer
Matthew Siegler, Software Engineer
Matthew Symonds, Software Engineer
Matthew Tschiegg, Cloud Software Engineer
Matthew Watson, Software Engineer
Matthias Kaehlcke, Senior Software Engineer
Mauricio Guerrero
Max Kaehn, Senior Software Engineer
Max Martinelli
Mayra Salgado, Technical Specialist
Mayuri Raja, Software Engineering Intern
Meg Mason
Mekhi Jones, Software Engineering Intern
Melissa Hernandez
Meredith Seiberlich
Michael Leuchtenburg, Senior Software Engineer
Michael Safyan, Senior Software Engineer
Michael VanBemmel, Site Reliability Engineer
Michelle Diaz
Michelle Socher, Software Engineer
Miguel Mendez, Site Reliability Engineer
Miguel Y, Software Engineer
mike nonemacher, software engineer
Mike Solomon, Staff Software Engineer
Mike Vanne, SWE
Miriam Gershenson, Software Engineer
Miriam Zimmerman, Software Engineer
Mo King, Technical Writer
Mohan Srinivasan, Software Engineer
Monica Torres
MT, Staff Software Engineer
my username is fine, Software Engineer
Nadia Gil, Global Solutions Advisor
Natalie Cygan, Intern
Natalie Phillips-Hamblett, Design Lead
Natalie Weizenbaum, Senior Software Engineer
Natty Coleman, Interaction Designer
Nebi Tessema, Software Engineer
Neill Morris-Knower
Nicholas D. Cottrell, User Experience Researcher
Nicholas Tasker, Software Quality Operations
Nicholas Vining, Sr. Software Engineer
Nicki Anselmo, Program Manager
Nicol Shoup Herrera, Intern
Nicole Gfroerer, Program Manager
Nicole Morin, Software Engineer
Nicole Power, Software engineer
Nik Ingrassia, SWE
Nikolaus Rath, Reliability Engineer
NM Amadeo, Software Engineer
Noemi S.L., Site Reliability Engineer
NV, Software Quality Analyst
Obasi Shaw, Technical Program Manager
Ojas Deshpande, Software Engineer
Olivier Ansaldi, Site Reliability Engineer
Ori Livneh, Software Engineer
Owain G. Ainsworth, Senior Site Reliability Engineer
Owen Williams, Software Engineer
Pablo Aldape, Data Scientist
Pablo Hernandez, Software Engineer
Pablo Samuel Castro
Paige Pritchard, UX Researcher
Parisa Fatehi-Weeks, Head of Equity, Inclusion, and Community Impact
Patrick Conner, Software Engineer
Patrick Kettner
Paul Duke, Software Engineer
Paul Fisher, Senior software engineer
Paul Stansifer, Software Engineer
Paul Wankadia, Systems Engineer
Pavel Ivanov, Senior Software Developer
Pedro Otalora, Strategy and Operations Analyst
Phillips Mitchell
Pierre Phaneuf, Software Engineer
Priya Agrawal
Rachel Farber, Program Manager
Randall B, Engineer
Rebecca Bianco Hedditch, Software engineer
Rebecca Nickerson, Software Engineer
Rebecca Ysteboe, Software Engineer
Ric Ewing
Rich Washington
Richard Merino
Ricky Alberto, Legal Specialist
Riley Mancuso, Software Engineer
Riley Wong, Software Engineer, Machine Learning
Riona MacNamara
Robert Camp, Software Engineer
Robert Moreton, Software Engineer
Robert Ramkishun
Rohan Pavone, Engineer
Rony Patel, UX Researcher
Rose Davidson, Software Engineer
Rose Nguyen, Technical Writer
Rose Valle, Software engineer
Ryan Hundley
Ryan Lester, Software Engineer
Ryan Metcalf, Building Automation & Security Engineer
Ryan Sleevi
Ryan Tarpine, Customer Solutions Engineer
Ryan Wolf, Senior Software Engineer
S.A., software engineer
Sage LaTorra, Senior Test Engineer
Sam Auciello, Software Engineer
Sam Phippen, Developer Advocate
Samantha Penabad, Strategy & Operations Lead
Samuel R. Bowman, Visiting Professor
Samuel Sandeen, Software Engineer
Sara Madaan, Hardware (optical) test engineer
Sarah Barrow, Sr. UX Designer
Sarah Bell, software engineer
Sarah de Haas, Program Manager
Sarah L, Software Engineer
Sarah Nader
Sarah Pratt, SRE
Sarah R. Allen, Site Reliability Engineer
Sasha Ayvazov
Scott Haiden, Software Engineer
Scott Morse, Software Engineer
Sean, SWE
Seth Benjamin, Software Engineer
Shannon Leong
Sharon Campbell-Crow, Senior Technical Writer
Shawn Dye, Recruiter
Shawn Tabai, Senior Software Engineer
Shayna Pepin, Program Manager
Sherice Torres, Google
Sidney San Martín, Software Engineer (Chrome)
Skye Berghel
Slade Capasso, Program Manager
Sofia Velasco, Policy Specialist
Software Engineer, Alex Peterson
Soojung Ha, Software Engineer
Sophia Chen, Account Manager
Sophie Waldman, Software Developer
Stanislav Angelov, Software Engeneer
Stanislav N
Stephen Ng, Software Engineer
Steven Traversi, Software Engineer
Stryder Crown, CSE
Sue Apfelbaum, UX writer
Susan R Dickey, Software Engineer
Susanna zaraysky
Suzanne, UX Engineer
Suzette Diaz, Finance
Sverre Rabbelier, Senior Software Engineer
Sybil Lewis, Policy Specialist
Tall Tom, Peripheral Visionary
Tamsyn Waterhouse, Senior Software Engineer
Tariq Yusuf, Privacy Engineer
Tash Ross, Site EBP
Tatiana Uschakow
Teri Castro
Thao Nguyen, UX Engineer
Thomas Wouters, Software Engineer
Tiffany Sun, Software Engineer
Tim Hesterberg, Senior Data Scientist
Tim Johnson, Sr. Security Engineer
Tim Wilde, SRE
Timothy M O’Connor
Todd Kulesza, UX Researcher
Tom Karlo, Sr. Product Manager
Tom Murray, SEW
Tommy Martino, Software Developer
Travis Scholtens, software engineer
Trevor, Software Engineer
Trevor Debrechtabel
Trevor Samson, Software Engineer
Tristan, Software Engineer
TYG, Software Engineer
Tyler Holsclaw
Tyler Romeo, Software Engineer
Umar Syed, Research scientist
Vanja Pejovic
Vanya T., Software engineer
Veda Sunkara, Software Engineering Intern
Vicki Tardif, Staff Ontologist
Victor, Software Engineering Intern
Victoria P., Site Reliability Engineer
Viet-Tam Luu, Senior Software Engineer
Vincent Lucero, PM
Vivian Takach, UX Research
W. Tyler Reid, SRE
Wayne Song, Software Engineer
Wesley Aptekar-Cassels, Software Engineer
Will Walters
William W. Cohen
Winter Brooks
Xavid Pretzer, Staff Software Engineer
Xiao Yu Zhu, Software Engineer
Yann Hodique, Software Engineer
Yuri, software engineer
Yuri Grinshteyn, Customer Engineer
Yuriy Romanenko, Software Engineer
Yves Gerey, SETI
Zachary Siegel, Software Engineer
Zelda Mariet, Research Scientist
Zoe Winkworth, SWE
Zora Tung, Software Engineer

Other supporters:

Aaron Hayden, Security Engineer, Circuit Society
Alana Lynch, Quality Assurance Engineer, Amazon
Alek Dembowski, Former Googler
Alex Ahmed, Northeastern University
Alex Savas, Growth, Think-it
Alex Waz, Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Alex Webster, Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Alexander Lerner, Principal Software Engineer, ex-Yandex (Russia),
Alexandria Christina Leal, Breakfix Engineer, Safety Consultant
Amelia Wilson, Business Intelligence, Wayfair
Andrea Dean, Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Andrew Sackville-West, Software Development Engineer, AWS
Ben Ruset, Director of Technology
Brian Laframboise, Senior Software Engineer, Amazon
Charles Petrie, Retired Sr. Research Scientist
Chris Stenson, Software Engineer, Tableau Software
Chuck Karish, Former Googler
Claire Stapleton, Former Googler
Colleen O, Former Googler
Craig Kurjanski, Former Quality Assurance from Epic Systems
Daniel M. Katz, Staff Software Engineer, BuzzFeed (former Googler)
David Hofmann, PhD, Emory University
David Turner, Soundcloud
Donna Scavella, Digital Content Manager
Dr. Jack Poulson, Tech Inquiry
Elizabeth Patitsas, Assistant Professor (Computer Science & Education), McGill University
Emil Guareño, Software Engineer, The Walt Disney Studios
Emily Cunningham, UX Designer, Amazon
Eran Levy, Senior Applied Scientist, Microsoft
Eva Marie-Dones Piccininni, Technology Manager, University of Washington
Evan McLain, Staff Software Engineer, Tableau Software
Evier Tabora, Former Googler, Security Engineer
Ezra Goss, Georgia Institute of Technology
Fernando Fernández, Computer Engineering Student, Duoc UC
Garrett M., Security Engineer, Amazon
Hannah Kuffner, Tableau Software
Hope Dehnert, MPH, President, Sean’s Legacy
Ivan Waldman, Recently retired, Chief, IT Operations Section
J. Gregson, IAMS Specialist, Tableau Software
J. McCarthy, Amazon, Software Engineer
James Baker, Principal Technical Advisor, Tableau Software
Jamison Collins, Silicon Power and Performance
Jared Katzman, Machine Learning Engineer, AWS
Jarrod Lombardo, Tableau Software
Jennifer Dillon, Senior Software Engineer in Test, Tableau Software
Jesse Armstrong, Software Developer, Armstrong Machining Consultants
Jim Cooper, Sr. Systems Administrator, Omnitracs
John Obelenus, Software Engineer
Joseph Borkowski, Wayfair
Josephine Hoy, Senior Product Manager, Technical, Amazon
JS Tan, Microsoft
Julia Poulsen, Digital Operations, Amgen
Katherine Alejandra Cross, Academic, PhD Student at the University of Washington iSchool
Kevin Wallace, Software Engineer, University of Washington (former Googler)
KT Sittig-Boyd, Software Engineer at Wayfair
Lina Martensson, Former Googler
Liz Fong-Jones, Principal Developer Advocate, (and former Googler)
Lucy Suchman, Anthropologist of Science and Technology and US Citizen
Lynn Ramey, Vanderbilt University
Madeleine Corneli, Product Manager, Tableau Software
Matt Coles, Tableau Software
Max Novack, Computer Engineering Student
Meredith Whittaker, Co-founder and Co-director, AI Now Institute at NYU
Micah Schaffer, Former Googler
Michael Gasser, Indiana University (emeritus)
Michael Shields, Former Google software engineer
Miles Mahon, Software Engineer, Amazon
Nidhi Reddy, Web Developer
Nikos Tournas, Software Development Engineer, Greek Independent Authority for Public Revenue
Nisha Pillai, Software Engineer
Olivia Drobny, Pacific Oaks College
Olivier Tharan, Former Googler
Paul Gries, Professor, Teaching Stream, Department of Computer Science, University of Toronto
Pazia Bermúdez-Silverman, Software Development Engineer Intern, Amazon Web Services
Prof. Jeffrey J. Younger, Clinical Associate Professor, Management Communication, Stern School of Business, New York University
Robert Kennedy, Freelance musician; former Google Software Engineer who resigned with ethical concerns
Roxana Shirkhoda, Former Googler
Ryan Tucker, Online Project Coordinator, Cloud Commerce Services, Tableau Software
Samantha Karam, Software Engineer at Wayfair
Sarah Laszlo, Senior Research Scientist, X-team
Sasha Costanza-Chock, Associate Professor, MIT
Sean Cascketta, Software Engineer at Bloomberg
Seth Marbin, Former Googler
Sreeparna Mukherjee, CS Grad, UMass Amherst
Susan Tan, Software Engineer, Wellio
Tanna Solberg, Tableau Software
Tanya Stickles, Software Engineer, Wayfair
Thena Seer, Software Development Engineer, Amazon
Tim Chevalier, Former Googler
Tina McKim, Artist, poet
Tony Plunkett, ANet
Viola Sandusky, Artist and Creator
Yu Matsuo, Koa Corporation
Zullay Pichardo, Content Writer



No GCP for CBP

Google must stand against human rights abuses. @EthicalGooglers