Depressing Dinners — Day 2 of Living Below the Line


Hi I’m Philly, and like George, I’m also participating in the ‘Live Below the Line’ challenge. We’re doing this sponsored challenge to raise money for Young Minds, and their expansion into the North of England, whilst raising awareness of the mental health challenges young people face, especially those in poverty.
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It’s Day 2 of Living Below the Line and I am writing this in the hungry lead-up to dinner….

Throwback to Saturday and to get the most for my money I went to Lidl, however it’s safe to say I was still disappointed at how far my £5 stretched.

I want snacks…

I decided to go for carbs, carbs and carbs because I love carbs and I thought this would leave me suitably full… sadly my poor knowledge of nutrition already looks to be failing me. I, like George, thought it would be best to go for repetition to get the most out of my money. Therefore breakfast, lunch and dinner (minus one night of beans on toast!!) is the same all week.

Breakfast today (and the next three days….) is two eggs on toast (23p). I’m normally a cereal-bar-on-the-train-followed-by-snacks-until-lunchtime-kind-of-person, so breakfast isn’t really my thing. I’m not actually a big fan of eggs but it does the job; to be able to afford 10 for the week I had to go non-free range which safe to say I did not feel good about but needs must.

I had to get up half an hour earlier for this…

Moving on to lunch and I am very very hungry at about 11 — breakfast was at 7:15 and I never go this long without a snack. I succumb to hunger and have lunch at bang on midday. I was intending to be in the office 4 of the 5 days of the challenge so prepared lunch in bulk on Sunday. Safe to say it was as delicious as it looks i.e. completely rubbish. Lunch each day will set me back 25p.

Delicious lunch

It’s now 4:30pm and I am once again very hungry — I have to assume my hunger is partly due to me overthinking how much I’d love some delicious food. As I said before though I’m going for repetition so I will be having the same for dinner as I did yesterday. Lidl basics pasta, passata sauce (just pureed tomato’s essentially) and 1/8 of my bag of frozen veg costing a grand total of 33p.

Fit for Instagram

The only addition tonight will be half a can of tinned peaches, which I am genuinely excited about…. (17p and hopefully very worth it)

It’s safe to say my concentration levels are down, I’m hangry and just generally sad at the lack of tasty food; it’s very difficult to imagine this being an everyday reality.

The reason we are all doing this is to raise as much money as we can for YoungMinds, so we would all be incredibly grateful if you felt able to donate to our JustGiving page. All money raised will be going directly YoungMinds and will help to ensure their vital work can continue.

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