Looking ahead — the next 6 weeks

Hello everyone! My name is Rachel and I’m the deputy team leader of our team fundraising for Young Minds to support their expansion into the North of England. YoungMinds is one of the UK’s leading charities committed to improving the emotional wellbeing and mental health of children and young people. Over the past five months, we’ve been planning and hosting a range of fundraising activities.

It’s nearly time to say goodbye to all our fundraising activity, and reflect on how well it’s all gone. But before we do that, we’ve got plenty planned in the run up to April, and our group is still a hive of activity. We’re over halfway to our target with some great events to go, and I’m sure by the end of March we’ll have hit our goal of £1000.

So what is on our calendars for February and March?

Tonight we hold our Pub Quiz, at Westminster pub, The White Horse and Bower. This has been organised in conjunction with a raffle, by a smaller team within our team, who have taken responsibility for organising the Pub Quiz — including sourcing prizes, finding a venue, writing quiz questions, etc. It should be a really great event and good fun. As for the raffle, we are selling raffle tickets before and during the quiz, and will annouce the winners immediately afterward!

Additionally, next Friday, four of us will be completing an ‘Night Tube Dash’, a race against time to visit every London Underground station on the current Night Tube network. There’s already been a lot of complicated planning behind the scenes trying to figure out the best route and sponsorship is beginning to come together. The Night Tube Dash is no mean feat — we’ll be travelling for around 9 hours and covering at least 200 miles of track! Nobody has ever attempted this before (to our knowledge!), and we hope to set a trend and a challenge to other fundraisers to try and be as innovative and creative as possible with fundraising. The Night Tube Dash will be challenging, but should be relatively enjoyable and not too taxing on our feet — we were really keen on taking part in a challenge that was inclusive and accessible to everyone, whatever their mobility needs and fitness level.

Our final event will be a sponsored ‘Live Below the Line’ Challenge — those in the team who won’t be participating in the Tube Dash will be living below the Extreme Poverty Line (£1 a day) for 5 days. This again is not an easy challenge and will take some serious planning and dedication from our team. The ‘Live Below the Line’ Challenge raises awareness of the 1.2 billion people who live below the poverty line, however we’re also raising awareness of the 3.9 million children and teenagers who live in poverty in the UK and the effect living in poverty has on their mental health.

All in all, we should happily meet our target of £1000 within the next six weeks, and we’ll be reflecting on the success of all our activities during this time too. It’s been a great honour and pleasure helping to lead this team, and we’ve achieved so much in such a short amount of time!

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