I beg for your opinion, for i have hard time sending a message to a wall.
Alexander Dimitrov

FWIW there is in fact an easy way — however, it’s rarely legal. We all know that this lifestyle can be maintained without any education or experience, but usually requires a immoral and very much illegal position of strength, deception, manipulation, exploiting people, and dealing with various substances or partnering with criminal organizations.

For that group of “role models” it’s important to outline that it’s a momentarily thing and they are one step away from going in prison for good, or getting shot at. I don’t believe that many people would feel comfortable being surrounded at all times by security guys and still looking around for a sniper aimed at them, or being imprisoned after finally getting caught.

For the other group of actually successful people, it’s also notable to explain what their path was and stress on the years and years of hard work, sleepless nights, hustling and failing multiple times until it finally works out. Wisdom and experience require time, and as Stephen McCraine once said: “A master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”.

Take a look at this talk by Syed Balkhi — the founder of WP Beginner, List 25 and others — http://wordpress.tv/2013/05/09/syed-balkhi-the-art-of-becoming-a-leader/ — that focuses on leadership and why overnight success is not a one-off thing, but is often encompassed with ten or more years of trial and error.

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