Dream of conquering the world

I walk. I run. I climb. I take my bike and cross over the city. I dont drive. I don’t own a car and I never waned one, nor I wanted to learn to drive one. I dont want to be forced to sit on a chair and stare through a window at other cars, to only focus at people that are doing the same thing as me. I wanna be foced to lisen to the world, I wanna be able to turn my gaze around and observe the people, I wanna be able to say I’m sure I didn’t miss any possible life changing encounters because I wasn’t paying attention to my surroundings.

So I walk. So I run. And I watch. So I stop and look in the eyes the person that has been staring at me. And the corner of my mouth raises in an awkward half-smile. And then I walk again. And I run. And I watch.

And just like that I lose myself in that crowd of people chaotically mingling with each other, not knowing anyone and yet being so close to them, so intimate, so natural. Dozens of personalities, cultures, hundreds of dreams and wishes and desires, all mixing together, colliding and influencing each other without realising…it’s an harmonious chaos… a beautifully tailored anarchy in whose creation we all contribuited.

It’s a shame that not all of us accept the guild. I take pride in my guild. I take pride in my desire. I take pride in my unreachable dream.

I don’t dream to conquer the world. I dream to live to see it connquered. I want to see before I die that disastrous moment when we will all have peace. I wish to get to know before my time that I haven’t missed any step the world took towards the utter confusion in which we feel free.

But I dream big. I dream the impossible. I dream of a conquerer that will never be born.

To conquer the world you need to first understand it.

The world is too big to be conquered. Too unpredictable. Too diversified. Too wild.

And here’s the funny part. Once the potentially conquerer understands this, he will lose his desire to try, and thus the potentially conquerer will be no more.

The point is — you can’t conquer the world, but to those who try: keep trying. I admire and love you for your dreams of peace. You are my heroes.

And to those who dont: we can’t conquer the world, but we can drive it to hell. Because in that chaos lies our freedom, and if we don’t wanna chain ourselves to a hypothetical peace, then that’s what we should chase.

Freedom in peace is an ilussion, because peace is restrictive to absolute good. Now, we can be good, but no one is absolute. We all have a bad side, a monster hiding behind our innocence, waiting for us to free it, to accept it. We cannot be free when a part of us is locked in chains.

Freedom is anachy. Peace is only found in prison.

With those two statements in mind, I choose to walk. With my innocence spred on my face and my wickedness behind my eyes, I watch the world move.

I chase for heroes.

But I guess I live between villans.

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