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Election Notes

  1. We didn’t get to vote on the corporate boards of Facebook, Google, Apple, or Amazon today — though they essentially are the size of, and act like, transnational states.
  2. Rural parts of the country have an unfair political advantage; its time to create proportional senate seats.
  3. I would vote for any politician that suggested taxing data in 2020.
  4. America is an inherently conservative country. People come out to vote against something, not for something. There will be progress when people want to really vote for something — for some change.
  5. Women make saner politicians than men — more women in congress will be a saner congress.
  6. There should be automatic voter registration.
  7. Voting should be mandatory.
  8. The voting age should be lower.
  9. Pay for congresspeople should be tripled at least — for the simple reason that politicians should make salaries competitive with other esteemed professionals; we should want to attract more talented people to important political posts.
  10. Someone, the defining issue of the election was not climate change, which is important on a scale far beyond partisan politics.