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Stray Notes

  1. There is no better feeling than getting back to my empty apartment at 3am, making tea, and putting on Bach’s The Well Tempered Clavier, with the windows open.
Photo by This Guy on Unsplash

2. What produces your best and deepest ideas? What conditions? Ask yourself you’re actively creating the conditions of a philosophical life? It can be a disturbing exercise — analyzing the intellectual air you breath; the food you eat.

3. Our economy produces one primary fantasy: passive income. That’s all anybody — including me — wants: to earn money without having to lift a finger.

4. It’s strange reading the NYTimes, because I feel like I’m participating in a fantasy where Trump is certain to lose in 2020, if he’s not impeached by Mueller first, and where socialism is absolutely reinvigorated and on the rise. Certainly, the news picks out certain true features of reality — but it is so distorted by our wishes. The immanent sense that things are about to get better really is just a liberal, coastal wish; reality is too stubborn, and too tragic, to conform so neatly to our wishes.

5. Remember: history will not remember us as we remember us.

6. Remember: the future will have a different value system; a different metaphysics.

Photo by George Evans on Unsplash