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Notes on American Fascism 9

  1. The nine months (has it only been nine months??) of the Trump presidency have demonstrated a pattern: Trump fails to govern, fails a test of statesmanship — and manages to pass on the blame to the media or the political system. The reason that this excuse works is that the media and the political system is genuinely to blame; just not for Trump’s stupidity and lack of preparedness. Logically, this means that both the system, and the anti-system agent are fucked up. By analogy, the U.S. government (and by extension the corporate lobbies that essentially control it) is cancer; Trump is chemo — a barely controlled, self-administered poison.
  2. The United States is a failure. It is a for-profit country. It is a machine built for profit. It consumes its citizens. It is only logical then, that we have a CEO president.
  3. Food, water, air, land, minds: all poisoned. Fascism is an irrational response to reasonable concern: the disintegration of ways of life, qualities of life.
  4. Fascism — fascists — respond the crisis of nihilism by worshipping assholes, assholes who are big enough assholes to not realize they’re assholes, and more importantly, asshole enough to insist that they, themselves, give life meaning.
  5. The reason that the Trump administration has not collapsed, as many have predicated, is— and most pundits have missed this painfully obvious point — that there is nothing to collapse. There is just poison; just the rancid smell of festering ego. Fascism is the love of political poison; the belief that the stronger the dose, the stronger the nation.
  6. I have written that the worse Trump gets, the more his followers adhere to him. I see no reason to discard that hypothesis. Trump keeps getting worse, and his base remains; is perhaps more fervent. No amount of randomness, incoherence, selfishness, incompetence is unacceptable to Trumpists. They want it to hurt, they want it to feel bad. People who are suffering — and forgotten — want the whole country to feel the way they do. And that’s Trump’s base. That’s American fascism.