Naira has fallen: The Lambs remain Silent
Manasseh Egedegbe

There is a branch of economics that warns nations, not to let politicians (aka central banks) control their money. Just like “price controls” on consumer products, tends to make them scarce, “price controls” on money (setting interest rates, and monetary easing, asset purchasing to defibrillate the economy).

Along with this doctrine comes the realization, that money was a spontaneous creation (like our languages) by human creativity. It, like trade and barter, was not the result of government wisdom.

There are many ways for a nation’s economy to fail, and screw its citizens, such as this Weimar-Zimbabwe HYPERINFLATION. Over-regulation, corruption, etc etc. But, this government meddling with money is the surest way. Mighty ancient Rome made the same sin with debasing their money for political voting gains. It allowed them to buy free votes for the “Bread and Circuses”.

Gold and digital currency (bitcoin), are harder for the government to counterfeit (fiat money printing), and thus safer, but still, not perfect solutions. Even with gold, your government can meddle with every other aspect, like determining interest rates, money supply, government debt, and government bonds.

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