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These are reflections from my personal journey taking the leap from being a corporate designer to becoming a startup founder.

Having worked at some of Seattle’s best design agencies — including being a part of the in-house design teams at Microsoft and Expedia — I’ve experienced some remarkable differences in the design practices prevalent at large companies versus how we ended up doing things at our own startup. Here we go —

Getting people to participate in user research

At large companies, the biggest challenge of recruiting participants for usability testing is finding the right people — those whose experiences and opinions will yield truly reliable data…

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Two years ago I quit my corporate job to venture upon my startup dream. While we haven’t yet quite made it — and even if we never become the large company we hope to become — I have absolutely zero regrets. For building my own startup has taught me a great deal, more than I could ever have imagined. As anyone who’s undertaken to build a startup will tell you, it’s insanely hard, first of all, because you are essentially creating something from nothing. But more than that, it is the type of work that exerts your all, physically and…

Noa Dvoskin

Co-founder at VillageHunt. Simplifying e-commerce with community driven product reviews. Designer in every possible way.

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