Tough Times

My momma would tell me about tough times.
My momma would tell me that I would get through them.
I always tell myself they are going to be the end of days.
Others tell me that I will be able to get through it.

Now I tell my kids about tough times.
They tell me that they won’t make it.
I tell them they will be okay.
I tell them not to worry.

Yet I still worry when I hit tough times.
I still feel like I won’t make it.
I still feel like my kids do.
I still feel like there is no hope.

My wife gives me solace.
She allows me to be calm.
She allows me to think rationally.
She speaks to my fears.

“Don’t worry about the tough times.
They are what makes us better people.
The world has always persevered and always will.
Humanity needs to take a few steps back to move a few steps forward.”

She was right, when there is fear I need to give hope.
She was right, when there is darkness I need to give light.
She was right, when people are pessimistic I need to be optimistic.
She was right, when people hate I need to love.

I need to stand up.
I need to face tough times head on.
I need to fight on.
I need to fight for others.

I need to give a voice to the voiceless.
I need to give power to the powerless.
I need to give comfort to the uncomfortable.
I need to love the unloved.

Humanity has always endured.
Humanity will always endure.
There is no need to be fearful,
Unless you do nothing about your fears.