An inherently incomplete list

Original Tweetstorm

Great PMs live in the future and work backwards

Great PMs amplify their teams

Great PMs focus on impact

It’s a feature-level Innovator’s Dilemma at play

Product Challenges at Scale

Product isn’t a major one can study, few folks graduate into, and most people learn by apprenticeship. The result has been a number of dangerous myths about what the role actually is.

“Chief Question Officer” is the unofficial role of many great product, design, and engineering leaders. 5 tips for asking better questions.

“What is the fastest path to learning?”

Judge PMs in…

Or: Why nice people don’t finish last

Spend 30% of your time living in the future

Google’s investment approach

Wartime PM

The product manager corollary to @bhorowitz’s Peacetime CEO/Wartime CEO

Peace: Google’s Schmidt in 2004: War: Uber’s Kalanick in 2014.

What drove Foursquare to split into 2 apps

  1. A hybrid privacy model: Foursquare supported symmetric friendships, because check-ins are sensitive location data. …

A deceptively simple process for prioritizing projects that won’t cause a revolt.

Noah Weiss

VP of Product at Slack. Former SVP Product at Foursquare and Google Search PM. Stanford alum, Brooklyn born.

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