Its 2017 and its safe to say that America is still extremely racist. The new President of the United States is just one of many examples. It baffles me that someone can truly not like someone solely based on there skin color and the preconceived ideas they have of them. But lets be honest if Donald Trump becoming president was your first indicator that racism is still around then you must have been living under a rock. When a group that supports equals rights and equality tries to peacefully protest but the police sit around them with guns and right shields cause they are “afraid” that something my happen, but when the Ku Klux Klan have rallies and things of that nature police protect them. Protecting a group that promotes racism and hate but they are containing a crowd of people who are trying to push for equal rights, something doesn't add up. Do not even get me started on the justice system and white privilege. Brock Turner at the time was charged with rape but only did 6 month in prison, 6 months not 6 years. If that isn't white privilege at its finest then I have no idea who that is. America has always been racist and i do not ever think it will be whipped away because its so deeply rooted into our government that unless we get a whole new government and also get rid of all the idiots who think they are better then someone because of the color of there skin then maybe, just maybe racism will be gone in America.

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