A story in eight parts.

I. Inspiration

The idea for Art Camp came one beautiful spring day in 2012 when I was out shopping with my then-girlfriend. I had a notebook in my pocket, coffee in my hand, and time to let my mind wander.

I recalled how many of my classmates back in art school would go on summer break and do absolutely nothing. No art, no studies, no practice. Three months of not making progress towards being better artists. Considering there’s hardly enough time in art school to become a good artist, wasting time like that was terrible. …

On the reality of “starving artists” in the games industry

To my fellow artists, creatives, illustrators, and concept designers,

Do not work for less than minimum wage.

Companies like Fantasy Flight Games ask artists to do a fully painted illustration and sign away nearly all rights to that piece for just $100. That is rude, disgraceful, and downright wrong. We need to bring this to light so it can stop.

For a company pulling in tens of millions of dollars in revenue annually, surely they are capable of paying their freelance artists a reasonable rate.

$100, assuming the average artist will take around 15 hours to complete the work (factoring…

When you’re looked over, passed by, and straight up refused, that isn’t failure. When it feels like you can’t do anything right, that isn’t failure.

When it all feels hopeless and you don’t even know why you bother, it still isn’t failure. When you change directions to do something else, that’s not failure.

Failure is neither delays nor going slow. Failure isn’t starting late or starting wrong. Failure isn’t feeling worry or regret or confusion.

Failure doesn’t look like struggle, it looks like nothing at all.

Failure is when we stop. When we put our goals and dreams up on the shelf to collect dust. Failure is accepting failure.

But until the day we die, failure doesn’t have to be permanent. We can always dust off those dreams and start again.

All we have to do is keep going.

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A look back after $2325.95

About a month ago I joined Gumroad because I liked what the company was doing (helping creatives sell their stuff without taking giant percentages) and wanted to give it a shot (having used my own bootstrapped paypal-powered solution for years). None of the content is really new, per se, so maybe this isn’t the best example of what the platform is capable of. But it’s been my experience. So here’s my first month:

Nothing incredible, but I’m happy with it. Of course the first week alone constitutes a whole 63% of the total earnings for the month. …

My list of gear for 2015 as I travel the world and make art.

This is everything.

(Well, except for a couple things I forgot to photograph. And my camera.)

This is what I take with me as I travel the world, staying in mostly hostels/hotels/airbnb-places/friend’s-places/family’s-places. I work as a freelance concept artist & illustrator, so I take everything I need to do my work, too.

The natural tendency of the internet is to encourage hate and derision. Let us, as creators, break through all of that and show something entirely human, completely honest, and ultimately fragile.

We’ve all heard a lot about the effects of anonymity on the internet. Swathes of unruly strangers with nothing better to do than take their less anonymous peers down a peg. Articles are written to try and remind these sad folks why they shouldn’t do that to another person.

But I don’t care about them. I don’t care about reminding them that everyone else is human. …

The 12 year journey of my art thus far.

I am extraordinarily blessed to do what I love for a living. Somehow in the last decade I’ve turned a hobby into a profession and then into a lifestyle. While I don’t claim any profound wisdom nor that my path is the best one, I thought that some aspiring artists out there might be encouraged to see the road that someone else has taken.


The Hobbyist


I didn’t want to be an artist.

I wanted to make video games. I was a nerd. I took programming classes at the local community college when I was 14. …

(even if you’re terrible)

(and it’s ok if you are)

Let me get this out of the way, to shut up the insufferable talent-mongers of the internet: art is a skill. If you can learn to program or learn to read, you can probably learn to be halfway decent at art.

And if you’re already halfway decent, you can be better. This article is about both of those things. All it takes is 21 days. You probably have some paper & pencils/pens around you, so you have the required materials already.

This is me. Not practicing.

I’m really bad at practicing.

The conscious decision of practicing tends to mean that I don’t do it at all. But since I want…

A story from The Sin of Man


I dread the dawn.

I awake and keep my eyes closed. I hope that I can shut the day out and fall back to sleep but memory and fear rush in and I open my eyes to see the empty floor of dirt and straw. I hear only stillness echoing off the cracking walls. I lay a while before I grab my staff and push myself up onto my good foot.

The road is quiet, but the eager buzz of another day begins to vibrate through the people like something between opportunity and…

Because making art isn’t just about making art.

To survive and continue to make art, you’re gonna need some business sense. And if you’re prepared to stop avoiding the subject because “you’re just not good at it” and want to learn, this is a great place to start. I’ve boiled down 10 books that are utterly essential for every artist who wants to make a living at this crazy career.

The 4-Hour Workweek

Tim Ferriss gets a bad rap. His polarizing personality seems to distract from the content of his books. And the content is great. There’s a lot to learn here about passive income, separating the notion of money from…

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