21 days to be a better artist

(even if you’re terrible)

(and it’s ok if you are)

This is me. Not practicing.

I’m really bad at practicing.

What you’re going to do for 21 days

The magical answer to the great question of “how to become an artist”

I drew this tree.
This has nothing to do with forming a habit. It’s just a couple of my sketchbook pages.

It’s time to make a habit.

This is a Bargue copy. It’s a fairly simple way to learn to draw. The video I linked demonstrates how I drew this.

This is how you practice art

These are master studies, done after landscape painters who are better than me. Click on that link over there to watch me do these (and more).
Another, longer, master study. If you recognize it, it’s probably because it was on my “Don’t go to art school” article that made art schools love me so much.


Addendum: the results

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