My first month on Gumroad

A look back after $2325.95

Noah Bradley
Aug 23, 2015 · 2 min read

About a month ago I joined Gumroad because I liked what the company was doing (helping creatives sell their stuff without taking giant percentages) and wanted to give it a shot (having used my own bootstrapped paypal-powered solution for years). None of the content is really new, per se, so maybe this isn’t the best example of what the platform is capable of. But it’s been my experience. So here’s my first month:

Nothing incredible, but I’m happy with it. Of course the first week alone constitutes a whole 63% of the total earnings for the month. The second month will be decidedly bleak, if this chart is any indication.

But I’m not complaining. Not at all. Most of my offerings on the site were free (or, rather, pay-what-you-want) and the others were older material I was making easier to access.

Here is the full breakdown of my earnings by the different products:

Let me take this opportunity to say: thank you all so, so much for paying a whopping $814.45 for my reference packs. You could’ve gotten them all for free, but your support means a lot to me. I can’t wait to release more photo packs for y’all.

I’d also love to release a new demo video for everyone. It’s been far, far too long since I’ve done that.

So there you have it. No profound, earth-shattering wisdom. Just my experience in the last month. And my thanks to each and every one of you who helped to make it awesome.

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