A brief glimpse into campus life

A cafe is busy while the windows show an overcast sky
(Photo Credit: RR Abrot)

The sky is overcast in the courtyard of a Carlton café. The cold absorbs into the metal chairs and tables. They are icy to the touch.

The sun is trying to break through the clouds with limited success.

The shadows under the table are like an eighties disco.

The city is a cacophony of construction noises.

The city is always moving, and ever growing.

The city gets knocked down, but it gets back up again.

Lines of coffee addicted students are discussing their designer masks, and favourite types of chocolate…milk is a popular choice.

The wafting smells of sausage rolls and focaccia intermingle. They create an almost weaponized amount of desire.

A nearby classmate munches on a chicken schnitzel sandwich. Everyone tries to hide their jealousy. Everyone is bad at acting.