My First Meeting With Humans

After the interview I had with Wally today I learned many things such as why Wally was here, and what his planets greatest achievement was. He is here because he transferred schools. His planets greatest achievement is the Flint Michigan Mega-Bowl. He says that he has a nice “jumper” which is related to the sport that people play for fun around here called basketball. Wally communicates with others with the same type of language that we use on our planet which is english. Wally explained to me why everyone was in a rush all the time. He told me that they had places to be and sometimes if you did not get to your destination in time that you could be punished. He explained that time has a value and it is used to keep a schedule of things that need to be done in a “timely manner”. Wally also told me where he came from and that he was not created using chemicals like I was but instead he was made from two human life forms. He is not from where we are which he told me is called Milwaukee he is from a place far north from where I currently am. This place is called Rice Lake, Wisconsin.

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