Fighting the Boomerang of History

As the grandson of a Holocaust survivor, I just welcomed a new generation of survivors with the birth of my daughter. I have had the luck to be born into a privileged life in the United States, but my family was persecuted purely because of their religion decades before I arrived. The United States welcomed them here as citizens after World War II.

My entire childhood I vowed to my grandmother to Never Forget, and now is it is my turn to bear witness and push against the boomerang of history.

These are my views as an individual, but early this morning I sent a message to every Stride Health employee about the previous 48 hours of turmoil in our nation. Several of them have asked me to broadcast it more publicly, so that is where this post originated. I prefer to keep politics out of the workplace, but this is not a partisan Republican vs. Democrat issue. This is about freedom and open, thoughtful society.

And at Stride Health, this isn’t just about our team, though many are immigrants who came here to solve our country’s hardest problems. (Seriously! They’re incredible.) In our work, we support all types of independent American workers. We invest in their success and grow with them. For most, we’re a critical part of their ‘safety net’ and that means supporting their lifestyle however and whenever we can, no matter which country they hail from our which religion they practice. We are against policies that discriminate or target individuals of specific origins, religious beliefs, sexual preferences or race.

My grandmother has spent the past 70 years of her life trying to teach us all what will happen if the world turns back the clocks. We bear witness to that today. Different religions and nations are not our enemy. We are our own enemy if we fail to remember.

And because they asked me to share it, here’s my message to the incredible (and occasionally-immigrant) employees of Stride Health:

The past 48 hours have been bizarre. I know that we’re a small company, but we can still stand up for the rights of our team, several of whom hail from outside the United States, and for our country’s historically open arms. I’m quite proud of each of you who are making the right kind of noise, in the right direction, right now.
I’m not an immigrant, but I have always considered us lucky to live in a land of refuge. It’s what makes our country rich.
At Stride, I continue to be impressed by having been joined each of you — from all walks of life, countries, religions, preferences, races — in tackling a single mission to do good for those who need us. The ever-increasing diversity of this team is what drives our end-solutions towards ever-increasing richness. We build better companies this way, and I believe we build better countries this way too.
I know this turmoil is distracting me from our next 48–72 hours of wrapping up Open Enrollment. I understand that it may be challenging for you to focus as well. Thank you in advance for serving our members right now, when they need it most, while finding the right way to direct your energy towards change in our country. If anyone has friends or family members that need help (or that you need to be focused on helping right now) please come see (or call me) or your manager to let us know.
As non-politically as I can write it,

I will not and cannot remain silent.

- Noah Lang, a Proud American & 3rd Generation Holocaust Survivor

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